Celebrating 60 Years of Management Education

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This May, the Henry W. Bloch School of Management celebrated 60 years of management education. Of course, it wasn’t always called the Henry W. Bloch School of Management.

In 1953, the university founded the School of Business Administration, and it wasn’t until 1986, when H&R Block co-founder Henry Bloch endowed the school, that it became the Henry W. Bloch School of Business and Public Administration.

The name underwent one more change in 2010, when it was changed to the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. This name better embodied the school’s current vision, and embraced the school’s twin-pillar philosophy of nurturing leaders in the for-profit AND the nonprofit and public sectors.

The celebration included some very special guest speakers, including UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton who also mentioned that UMKC is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.

Faculty, staff and community gathered to take a look back at the Bloch School’s rich history and celebrate its exciting future.
60th AnniversaryBloch alumni representing different eras of the school’s history shared their experiences and stories. Speakers included:

Dr. Margaret Evans, B.A. ’71 and M.P.A. ‘72
60th Anniversary
George Guastello, CEO of Union Station, B.A. ’82, M.B.A. ‘84
60th Anniversary
Henry Bloch and Tom Bloch, Ph.D. ‘10
60th Anniversary
David Seay, Partner, KPMG, B.S.A. ‘92
60th Anniversary
Katrina Lupine, B.B.A. in entrepreneurship ’13
60th Anniversary
Each speaker reminisced on his or her time at Bloch, citing significant mentors during their time at UMKC.

Margaret Evans noted Dr. Bill Eddy (former public affairs faculty and former Bloch School dean). George Guastello talked about all the entrepreneurial influences he remembered from his education, including Joe Singer (recently retired Bloch faculty) and Martin Baier, the father of “direct mail marketing”.

Henry Bloch took the stage with his son, Tom, and received a standing ovation. Laughingly, Tom asked his dad – “Was that standing ovation for you or me?”

Henry repeated a challenge that he issued to the Bloch School in 1986 when he endowed the school. “I challenged the school to strive to be the best, to achieve greatness reflected through the recognition of rankings and awards.

“Today, I am proud to be able to stand here before you and witness that success. Thanks to the faith and leadership of Dean Teng-Kee Tan, the belief and support of Chancellor Morton and to the hard work and support of everyone within the Bloch School and the Kansas City community, the sky is the limit for the Bloch School and UMKC.”

60th Anniversary

David Seay praised the Bloch School’s accounting program and faculty, citing not only the value he got while at Bloch, but the rewards of coming back and getting involved as an alumnus.

Katrina Lupine, just eight days away from graduating at the time of the event, talked about her outside-the-classroom experiences with student organizations, including Enactus, where she served as president, and the Bloch Study Abroad Program. She thanked Enactus faculty advisor Cary Clark, and Bloch School faculty Will Self and Sidne Ward for their mentorship.

Bloch School Associate Dean David Donnelly spoke on behalf of the school and of Dean Teng-Kee Tan, who was not able to attend due to illness.

“None of what we have today would be possible without the leadership, hard work and success of the students, faculty and staff that have gone before us,” Donnelly said. “As we look at the present and toward the future, we look at a new beginning for the Bloch School.”

2013 Commencement UMKC Bloch School of Management

Graduating Bloch students in front of the new Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, opening this Fall.

Select guests at the event also took a hard hat tour of the new Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, opening this fall.

A Look Back: Bloch School Historical Milestones


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