SIFE Brings Home the WOW Factor Again


85+ Team Members in 2012

Representing… Bloch School (75%), Pharmacy, Computing and Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, College of Arts & Sciences

Bragging about… Being named Regional Champions at Chicago Regional Competition (WHICH they’ve won this several years in a row!)

Also bragging about… Earning the “Club 44 Award”, which recognizes UMKC SIFE as one of the largest teams in the U.S. (WHICH they also won last year at 70 members).

…and still bragging about: Winning the “4.0 Club Award” (a new level of success)! A result of an intensive evaluation on numerous topics such as team accomplishment, number of successful projects completed, impact in the community, recognition received from the community, support from faculty and administration, a 4.0 score places the team among the top four percent of teams in the U.S.

Be part of the fun! Join the SIFE group at the National Competition in our very own entrepreneurial Kansas City, May 22, 23, 24 at the Kansas City Convention Center, 301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO.

For more information or to attend as a special guest at the UMKC SIFE Team 1st Round Presentation at the National Competition, contact Cary Clark or 816-235-6568.

Venture Creation Winners Announced!

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to announce the winners of the annual Regnier Family Foundations/Bank of Blue Valley Venture Creation Challenge.

For additional background on the event, click here.

More than 100 judges, investors and entrepreneurs looked at 65 competing teams, finally narrowing down the winners to 15, grouped accordingly. 

Awards with Highest Distinction

Team Members: Greg Farmer, Milton Fowler, Damon Bryant, & Clara Maingi Description: EasyStrep is a liquid compound, available in a spray and child-friendly ice pop, that will bring disruptive innovation to the way doctor’s test for strep throat. EasyStrep works when a patient ingests the pleasant-tasting liquid, allowing it to coat his or her throat. Then, a medical provider shines an ultraviolet light into the patient’s mouth, and, if the bacteria are present, they glow. EasyStrep provides a pain-free, one-step way of testing for strep that will replace the current two-step method, which causes gagging and pain for patients and requires medical providers to perform expensive follow-up tests.

Alpha 1 Biologics LLC
Team Members: Matt Heimann, Rita Cortes, Lara Ogle, & Tim Schallert Description: The CD4 QTest, using patented technology, is a low-cost, saliva-based, rapid diagnostic test for screening CD4 counts in HIV/AIDS patients, promptly identifying those eligible for anti-retroviral therapy.

The Housing Hawk
Team Members: Sally Burns Description: The Housing Hawk is an online database of apartments and homes that connects college students to the off-campus housing options in their area. Created in February 2011, The Housing Hawk is currently serving students at The University of Kansas in Lawrence through an easily scalable model.

Team Members: Evan J. Kirsch Description: FolioBoy is a FREE public platform for students and professionals to post their school projects and achievements so they are seen and heard by the best employers worldwide. Through application of location-based services marketing and social media strategies, FolioBoy reengineers hiring practices using documents that students upload to help connect them with job openings.

BHB Insurance Services LLC
Team Members: Larry Hunter-Blank, & Cary Barr Description: The Innocent Spouse and Family Protection Plan, P2, is a unique and patented product designed to bridge the coverage gap that exposes a police officers’ family assets from a punitive damage judgment. While the law does not allow direct insurance of the police officer using the “innocent spouse doctrine”, BHB can insure and protect the assets of the officers’ life partner.

Awards with High Distinction…

Robotic Archival Retrieval System
Team Members: Todd Dreiling, Brandon Hoerl, Sarah Campbell, & Fatimah Elabdallah Description: Robotic Slides System is for laboratory personnel, allowing them to control a robotic mechanism via interface software. The mechanism is able to store and retrieve tissue sample cassettes (blocks of tissue) and slides from an archival cabinet. The product was invented by Dr. Ossama Tawfik M.D., P.h.D and is currently being developed by Dr. Tawfik collectively with staff at KU Medical Center.

Team Members: Seth Cooper Description: Nstox is a web-based data management and decision support software mainly serving small to mid-sized retailers. Nstox not only helps retailers optimize their pricing, inventory, product assortment, and promotional efforts, but also standardizes their data for use in web applications.
Team Members: Travis Bowring, Josh McCarthy, Eric Chia, Allison Coontz, Allison McCarthy, Gandi Shivanand, Josh Contreras, Nicholas Fuchs, Greg Wendorff, Michael Reneau, Andrew Schout Description:, the brand name for Outdoors-E LLC, is a web application that connects fishing enthusiasts with their perfect sport fishing adventure.

Team Members: Ian Ross, Jeff Taylor, & Matt Herrmann Description: Mobi LLC is dedicated to providing the fast-paced mobile society with an ability to play home gaming consoles anywhere. The user has the ability to safely transport their console gaming electronics in a convenient and secure manner.

Fine Foods of America
Team Members: Bruce Steinberg Description: Fine Foods of America Inc. is a food manufacturer focusing on high quality, epicurean tomato-based condiments. The first product line consists of ketchups offering variety in a mature product category, introducing consumers to new flavor choices and expanded use of ketchup products. The brand value proposition is increased enjoyment of a wide range of foods through use of new original richer flavor tomato-based condiments targeted to the adult market.

Awards with Distinction…

PharXm Natural Supplements
Team Members: Heather Schasteen, Matt Jarvis, & Katherine Armstrong Description: PharXm Natural is an online start-up venture that uses natural supplements and provide a top quality nutritional supplement to patients with complex disease states such as diabetes.

Allergen Eater
Team Members: Deon Whitten, Cletus Obahor Description: ™AllergenEater is a line of portable, filtration purifying and containment systems designed for cars that traps, purifies, and cleanses the air in an efficient self-sustaining manner. An ™AllergenEater resembles a condensed version of an air purification device (like an ionizer or home smoke eliminator).

Amenergia Solar Power Systems
Team Members: Mike Sager Description: Cost-effective solar power systems that increase the value of a customer’s property and immediately reduce monthly expenses. Customers can take advantage of the savings with no money down.

Smart Device Safety Solutions
Team Members: Jennifer Geis, Kevin Harrington, Nancy Harper, & Ben Martin Description: Smart Device Safety Solutions reduces distracted driving by selectively blocking incoming calls and text messages to a designated phone while the vehicle is on.

The Community
Team Members: Christopher Beier, Gonzalo Vega, & Carter Buchholz Description: The Community creates a loyalty system that stores and handles customer transactions and analysis to assist in better business decisions for local food and drink establishments while creating stronger relationships with their community (patrons.)

Best Prototype

Magnetic RAV
Team Members: Randi Kristine Simmons, Ben Aikins, Victor Mikaelsson

In addition to the winning teams, special awards were given to the following teams:

Outstanding Sales Presentation (Best Elevator Pitch): EasyStrep; Amenergia Solar Power; SystemAlpha 1 Biologics, LLC

Outstanding Sales and Marketing Plan Award: The Soccer Lot
Innovative Business Model Award: OpenSea