The Department of Architecture, Urban Planning + Design (AUP+D) provides numerous opportunities for students to engage in real world, problem-solving projects in our studios and classes. These activities provide a direct connection between the university and the community by engaging students in projects beyond the classroom. Our community partners provide a sounding board for our students’ work, helping our faculty to better prepare our students for the urban challenges facing communities across the region and world.

Academic Programs

Architectural Studies

Since 1987, UMKC has partnered with the Kansas State University to provide a two-year architectural studies curriculum for students interested in architecture, interior architecture/project design or landscape architecture. Students study two years at UMKC and complete an environmental design/architectural curriculum that will prepare them to enter the third year at KSU.

Urban Planning + Design

This four year studio-based program leads to a professional BA in Urban Planning + Design. The program puts an emphasis on physical planning and urban design with community and neighborhood based projects assigned over the course of the six semester studio sequence.

Urban Studies Minor

The Urban Studies Minor draws upon faculty at UMKC focused on three areas of emphasis: community development, community organization and urban policy .