2016 Bud Prize Announced!

This year’s Bud Prize kicked off with our eleven second-year architecture students presenting to the competition jury on Thursday, December 8th, then met again (with family, friends and the community at large) on Friday, December 9th for a reception and awards ceremony.

This year, the students were challenged to design a live-work bookstore. The program asked the students to a accommodate a bookstore, a cafe, a space for local art, a “hotel” room for overnight stays by visiting authors and, of course, a residence for the bookstore owners. The site was located on 39th Street in Kansas City, Missouri–already a vibrant, eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. The studio was taught by Profs. John Eck and Ted Seligson.

This year’s jury was composed of:
Trevor Hoiland (Helix Architects, Bud Prize Sponsor)
Joy Swallow (UMKC Dept. of Architecture, Urban Planning + Design)
Patricia O’Dell (Writer on Design, UMKC Communications)
Bill Bruning (AUP+D Advisory Board Member)
Jay Siebenmorgen (KSU Dept. of Architecture)

After spending the afternoon reviewing all the projects, the jury awarded the 2016 Bud Prize to Calistro Reyes! Honorable mentions went to Samantha Davis and Tayvia Navy. A big thanks from the UMKC AUP+D to Helix Architects, our distinguished jury and all our tireless students!

This year’s jury, left to right: Trevor Hoiland, Bill Bruning, Patricia O’Dell, Jay Siebenmorgen, Joy Swallow.
2016 Bud Prize Winner: Calistro Reyes
Honorable Mention: Samantha Davis
Honorable Mention: Tayvia Navy
Our Bud Prize Finalists, left to right: Calistro Reyes, Samantha Davis, Tayvia Navy.
Our Bud Prize Finalists, left to right: Calistro Reyes, Samantha Davis, Tayvia Navy.