English Placement Testing

The English Placement Test is designed to measure your level of English proficiency, in order to place you in the correct level at the ALI when you being your language studies. You cannot study for the test, it is simply to determine your level of English when you arrive. The placement test is administered one (1) time only.

The ALI has six levels in the Intensive English Program. Click here for an explanation of ALI Levels.

Testing Week

We offer the placement exam Monday-Wednesday during Testing Week at 9:00 am. Students should report to the ALI office by 8:45 am and will be directed to the room for the exam. The entire test takes approximately 1.5 hours.
Spring 2020 – January 13, 14, and 15.

Other Testing Times

We also offer the placement exam during the regular semester Monday through Wednesday at the ALI office at 9:00 am. We do not offer the placement test during semester breaks.

On Test Day

Students must present their IDs or passports along with their I-20 or legal documents on the testing day. You will fill out a blue intake form before starting your exam. If you have a TOEFL or IELTS score, you must present a copy of your scorecard.

As of Spring 2020, only students who are admitted as ESL-only or have conditional admission to their academic program are required to take the ALI English Proficiency Placement Test.


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