For New Students

Preparing for Study at UMKC

If you don’t read anything else, read these pages. They will answer many of your questions.

What Should I Expect at the University?

Studying in the US will be different than how you are used to doing things. Knowing what’s expected will help you be successful. Check out these pages to see what might be the same or different:

Practical Tips

Life in Missouri is probably different than what you are used to or what you are expecting. Check out these pages for helpful tips:

  • What Should I Bring With Me?
    • If you’re wondering what to pack as you prepare to come to UMKC, check out this page.
  • KC Weather
    • Our students are often surprised at Missouri weather. Kansas City weather is constantly changing. Check out this page to know what to expect.
  • Safety Tips
    • Kansas City and UMKC are pretty safe places to be. Here are some practical safety tips.
  • What Will the People Be Like?
    • People at UMKC come from all over the world. Many different people live in Kansas City. Check out this page to find out more.
  • ALI’s Health Presentation