PDPI Staff and Faculty

Dr. Monica Mingucci is the ALI Program Director. In addition to presenting at TESOL conferences and in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, Dr. Mingucci has administered teacher development workshops for the Kansas City School District’s ESL Department, as well as taught all MA-TESOL core classes in the UMKC School of Education.
Adam Shoemaker is the Associate Director of the ALI. He has led teacher-training programs at HMU in Harbin, China; UCS in Caxias do Sul, Brazil; and UCT in Temuco, Chile.
Elisa Day is the Business Support Specialist at the ALI. She has lived and worked throughout the US and in Brussels, Belgium. She handles the ALI’s scholarships and is the person to contact for questions about tuition and fees and other money matters.
Chelsey Butts is the International Student Liaison at the ALI. She has taught English as a Second Language at the University of Kansas, Penn Valley Community College, and UMKC. She currently helps ALI students with applications, plans social activities, and manages the Conversation Partners Program for the ALI.
Blair Lacy is the Academic Advisor at the ALI. She studied for two semesters in Nice, France. She taught English for three years in two Japanese High Schools as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.
Before joining the ALI in 1995, Fran Golden lived, studied, and worked in seven different countries. Fran is an ESL Specialist and is the Coordinator of the Homestay Program. She also arranges housing for special programs.
Stephen Holland-Wempe has 25 years of experience in international education teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level in Latin America, Asia, and the US, conducting teacher trainings. His specialty area is Cross Cultural and Diversity Studies.
Janine O'Shea has been with the ALI since 2010. She taught in South Korea for one year and taught in Brazil through the State Department’s Partners in Americas program.
Colin Hayes is an adjunct ESL instructor at Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City Community College, and UMKC. He has helped facilitate visits for international visitor groups and taught English language learners in the Kansas City area for the past five years.


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