PDPI Activities

Educational Activities

As part of your program, you will participate in Educational activities. These activities will be connected to your classes. These activities are not optional. The staff and teachers will plan these activities.

The Education Activities are:

  • KC Bus Tour
  • Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
  • John Wornall House and Loose Park
  • Jazz  Museum
  • Steamboat Arabia Museum and River Market

Recreational Activities

The ALI will also offer Recreational activities. These activities are meant to be fun and give you the opportunity to enjoy some of Kansas City’s highlights. While we strongly encourage everyone to participate in these activities, they are optional. You will be asked to sign up before the activity.

At the Orientation, we will provide you with a list of activity suggestions. We will ask you to vote on which activities you want to do. We will plan to do the most popular activities.

Possible Recreational activities include:

  • Legends shopping trip
  • Oceans of Fun
  • Kauffman Center of Performing Arts
  • Royals Baseball Game
  • Starlight Theater
  • Ameristar Casino
  • Parkville Nature Sanctuary
  • Power and Light Night

Weekend Trip

The ALI has planned a weekend trip to Hermann, Missouri for all participants on July 19-21.

Hermann is a small German town in the Missouri River Valley on the east side of the state. There you can relax, visit small museums, shops, galleries, and wineries, and rent bikes to ride on the Katy Trail. For more information about Hermann and what you can do there, visit their website: http://visithermann.com/.

On the way to Hermann, MO, we will stop in downtown Columbia, MO for lunch. Columbia, MO is home to another University of Missouri. Their downtown has several shops and restaurants for you to explore, and it is close to the university if you want to check out another U.S. university campus. You will be free to explore and have lunch for an hour and a half. To plan your brief lunch visit in Columbia, visit their website: https://discoverthedistrict.com.

Non-Guided Activities

We encourage you to spend your free time exploring Kansas City. For ideas of what to do in your free time visit: www.visitKC.com.

For some ALI staff recommendations, see the flyers and posts below.


Also, feel free to ask your teachers for recommendations on what to do in Kansas City!

Free Weekends

As part of your program, there will be two weekends without any activities planned. You can take these weekends to explore Kansas City, Kansas, and Missouri on your own, or travel to other cities in the U.S.

  • July 27 – 28
  • August 3-4


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