Roo Bucks

Roo Bucks Overview:

Roo Bucks is a secure account that can be used on-campus and at some off-campus locations. Your ID card acts like a cash card, allowing you to make purchases without needing your wallet.

How do I create a Roo Bucks account?

You do not have to do anything. Your account is created when you are given your ID card.

What do I need to do to start using my Roo Bucks account?

To start, you will need to add $2 or more to your ID card.

How do I add money to my Roo Bucks account?

You can add money in 2 ways: (1) Online through Get Funds. (2) In person at the One Card office.

How much money can I add to my Roo Bucks account?

You can have up to $100 on your ID. If you go to the One Card Office (Room 401 in the Student Union), you can add money using cash, credit card, or by charging your student account. If you charge Roo Bucks to your student account, this balance must be paid before you can charge to your student account again.

How long will the money stay on my ID?

If you are enrolled, Roo Bucks are available. If you are not enrolled for 6 months, the money is removed (not refunded).

Where can I use my Roo Bucks?

Roo Bucks can be used at UMKC dining locations and vending machines, the University Bookstore, printing at computer labs and the University Libraries, and at several Off-Campus locations.

I changed my mind and want my money back. Can I do that?

No. Once the money in your Roo Bucks account, you must spend it. It will not be refunded.

Can I give my Roo Bucks to somebody else?

No. Once the money in your Roo Bucks account, you must spend it. It cannot be given to someone else.

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