Paying for your classes is important. Here is some information about how tuition works at UMKC and what you can expect.

My UMKC Bill

When is my bill created?

UMKC is like most universities in the US. It calculates your tuition bill based on the number of credit hours you enroll in. It cannot calculate your bill until you are enrolled because it is not sure how many credits you will be taking.  Once you are registered, your bill will be calculated. Your bill will include tuition, educational fees, the international student fee and your health insurance.

The Steps in Creating Your UMKC Bill

  1. Take the ALI’s placement exam.
  2. Make an appointment and then meet with the Academic Advisor. The advisor will go over your placement exam and have you sign your registration form.
  3. Talk with the Scholarship Coordinator. The coordinator will go over your scholarship and explain what you should expect to pay.
  4. Next, the ALI sends your registration form to the Registrar. The Registrar will process your form and enroll you in classes.
  5. UMKC’s billing system will create your bill.

Once your bill is created, you will see it in Pathway. You will be able to pay by going to the Cashiers Office or online using Pathway.

My UMKC Bill

Your UMKC bill includes any fee that you owe the University.

  • Bookstore charge
  • Dorm fees
  • Tuition and Educational fees
  • Health insurance
  • International Student Service Fee
  • Meal Plan
  • Late Fee and Finance Charge

Your UMKC bill could also include:

  • Bill from student health
  • Parking ticket
  • Parking permit

Your bill also shows what credits and payments were added to the account.

How do I see my bill in Pathway?

To see your bill in Pathway, first you must complete e-Consent. For e-Consent instructions, Click Here. E-Consent gives permission for UMKC to display your information electronically, as well as allows university offices to communicate with you by e-mail.

Once you have completed e-Consent, you will be able to see your bill in the Finances section of Pathway.

The tuition is listed twice. Is this a mistake?

NO. In the US, people like to see exactly what they are paying for. Instead of listing tuition as 1 charge, your UMKC bill will show you exactly what you are being charged for.

UMKC’s billing system divides your tuition into 2 categories: resident education fees and non-resident education fees. The resident portion of your fees are listed as Undergrad Non Res Educ Fee. The non-resident portion of your fees are listed as Non Res Undergrad Educ Fee.

What is the Student Activity Fee? The Student Union Fee? Do I have to pay them?

YES. They are part of the educational fees that are included in your tuition.

Paying My Bill

How to Pay My Bill

There are many different ways of paying your UMKC bill: cash, check, credit card, wire transfer and Flywire.


If you are paying cash, it is best to do it in person rather than mailing it. You can go pay your bill at the Cashiers Office.

The Cashiers Office is located in the Administrative Center, 5115 Oak Street, Room 112.
Hours of Operation: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


It is safe to mail checks in the US.
Mail your checks to:
Cashiers Office
5100 Rockhill Road
112 Administrative Center
Kansas City, MO 64112
Make sure to write your name and student ID in the Memo section.
For instructions on how to write a check, go here.

Credit Card – Online or In Person

Click here for instructions on how to pay your bill online with Pathway.

In the US, a credit card is a card linked to a line of credit. UMKC will accept: American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa

There is a 2.75% service charge when you use a credit card. You will be charged this fee if you go to the Cashier in person or make the payment through Pathway.

UMKC has teamed up with TransferMate to provide students with a payment method that will reduce international wire transfer fees. You can create an account and use it for online bill payments in the US, using the currency of your country. Once a payment is scheduled, you can follow its progress. Click here to go to the UMKC TransferMate page.

This video explains how TransferMate works.

UMKC’s Payment Plan

UMKC offers a payment plan, which will let you pay your tuition throughout the semester, rather than all at once. You do not need to sign an agreement to pay monthly.
You are expected to pay at least 25% of your bill by the first day of classes.
If you decide to make payments, you will be charged a finance charge of 1% each month. Make sure to make payments EVERY month by the 10th. If you do not make a payment, UMKC will charge you a late fee of $25.

I still owe some of my fees. Should I stop going to class until I can pay?

NO. Owing UMKC for the current semester should not stop you from going to class.

A new semester is starting and I still owe some of my fees from last semester. What should I do?

Until you pay these fees, you will not be able to register for classes.

If you cannot pay the whole amount, the Cashier’s Office will set up a repayment agreement with you. You will pay a portion of what you owe when you sign the agreement and then you can register for classes.

Tuition Refunds

If you overpay your UMKC bill, UMKC will refund that extra money. You could overpay by:

  • Calculating your part of the bill after scholarship incorrectly.
  • Paying your entire bill before the scholarship is applied.

UMKC will refund your money in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. If you have saved your bank account information in Pathway, the refund will be directly deposited into your account. This is the fastest way to receive a refund.
  2. If you do not have a bank account in Pathway, the University will mail you the refund as a check. This refund will be mailed the following Tuesday, from Columbia, Mo.

For instructions for how to add a bank account to Pathway, click here.

You do not need to do anything to get this refund. The refund is done automatically.

A Refund Because You Have Dropped a Class

UMKC will refund 100% of your fees only if a class is dropped within the first week of classes.

  • After the 1st week, UMKC will refund 50% of your fees.
  • After the 3rd week, UMKC will refund 25% of your fees.
  • After the 6th week, UMKC will not issue any refund.

This means that if these fees have not been paid yet, you will still be obligated to pay them.

These dates apply to all students, whether they are full semester or short-term students.


I would like to pay my tuition ahead of time. Can I do that?

YES. Please contact our Business Support Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, at for more information

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Elisa Day,

ALI Scholarship

I am studying full-time. How much will my scholarship be?

Your scholarship is determined by what program you are studying at UMKC. Click here for the current semester’s scholarship amounts.

I looked at my bill and it is much more than I was expecting.

Do you see the ALI Scholarship on your bill?
If NO, once your scholarship is applied, it will adjust your bill so that the amount is what you were expecting.
If YES, please contact our Business Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, at

I looked at my bill and the scholarship is missing.

It can take 6-8 weeks before your scholarship is applied and appears on your bill. This is because it must be processed by several different departments before it reaches the Cashiers Office.
The ALI sends an unofficial list of scholarships to the Cashiers Office. If you visit them and ask them how much you should pay, they will subtract the amount of your scholarship from your total before they give you the amount.

I went to see the Cashier and they said that I don’t have an ALI Scholarship.

Most likely, they didn’t check the ALI Scholarship list that was sent to them.
If they did check the list and your scholarship isn’t there, please contact our Business Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, at

I paid everything but the scholarship amount on my bill. I am getting late fees. Do I need to pay them?

NO. Once your scholarship is applied, your bill will be recalculated and the fees will be removed.

I paid everything but the scholarship amount on my bill. UMKC sent me a bill saying I owe money. What should I do?

Check to see if the ALI Scholarship has been applied.


  • If it is the beginning or the middle of the semester, ignore the bill. Once the scholarship is applied, you will owe nothing.
  • If it is close to the end of the semester, please contact our Business Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, at She will work with the Cashier to fix the problem.


  • Please contact our Business Specialist, Ms. Elisa Day, at She will work with the Cashier to fix the problem.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Before you can register for a term, you must electronically agree to or sign a hard copy of the Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR). UMKC wants to make sure that you agree to be responsible for bill and understand its policies on things like late fees, student refunds, and drops for non-payment.
Students can accept the agreement through Pathway, in the Registration and Records Office, or at the ALI Office.
If this is not signed, Pathway will place a hold on your account and you will not be able to register and enroll in your classes.

What does the SFR say?

Click here for an online copy of the SFR on the Cashiers’ website.
Click here for a downloadable copy of the SFR.

Here is a summary of what is covered in the SFR:

Payment of Fees

You are responsible for all of your fees. If you owe money for the previous semester, you will not be able to register.

Electronic Billing

You will not be sent a monthly bill through the postal mail, but instead, it will be posted on Pathway and emailed to your student email.

E-mail and Online Statements

UMKC will communicate with you primarily using email and you understand that you are responsible for checking your email. Also, you will not be able to argue about finance charges and/or late fees, saying that you didn’t know, because it has been posted on Pathway.

Late Payment Fees

If you do not make a payment monthly, you will be charged a late fee.

Finance Charges

Every month that you owe fees, the University will charge you a 1% charge on the amount that you owe.

Late Registration Fee

If you register on or after the first day of class, you will get a fee.


Not going to class does not tell UMKC that you have withdrawn from school. Not paying your fees does not tell UMKC that you have withdrawn from school. You will need to notify the Registrar and do the steps they tell you to officially withdraw. The ALI cannot withdraw you from your classes. You must do this yourself.

Drop for Non-Payment

UMKC can decide to drop your classes because of non-payment if you have not paid at least 25% of what you owe by the first due date of the semester.
Fee Reassessment for Adding/Dropping Classes or Cancellation/Withdrawal from School UMKC will reconsider the amount of money you will owe if you make the changes properly.

Financial Hold

If you do not make a payment UMKC will put your account on hold which will stop you from getting any transcripts or your diploma. It can also stop you from being able to enroll in the next semester, sign a housing contract, and you will not be able to make any charges at the bookstore or anywhere else that Roo Bucks are accepted.

Delinquent Indebtedness

UMKC will send your account to a collection agency if you do pay and additional charges will be assessed.

Right to Modify

UMKC can change the fee rates up to 30 days prior the beginning of a semester. They cannot decide to change the amount you owe for the semester after this date.

Minimum Fee Payment Plan

You can make monthly payments on your fees instead of having to pay the total amount due at the beginning of the semester. They expect 25% of your fees by the 20th of every month. If you pay less than the minimum amount due, you will be charged a 1% finance charge monthly.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are classified by Cashiers as ‘Anticipated’ aid. This means that they will deduct this amount from your balance and you will have to pay whatever is left. Depending on when you are awarded a scholarship, this may or may not show up on your account.

Third Party Sponsorship

This gives the address where your sponsor would need to send its written authorization. Once the sponsorship is authorized, your account will be credited for whatever amount they agree to pay. Your sponsor will be directly billed. But, if they do not pay in a timely manner, you will end up being responsible for your fees and will be assessed finance charges.

Payment Methods

Besides cash, UMKC will accept personal checks, echecks, and credit cards. There is a $25 return check fee. Credit card payments will include a 2.75% fee.


Even if you declare bankruptcy, education fees are not included typically and you will still own the debt.

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Elisa Day,