Setting Up My Username (SSO) and Password

Go to:

You will see this screen:

Click on Create a Password.

You will go to this screen:

Enter your username and click Submit.

You will see this screen:

Choose either an email or a phone number for a text and click Submit. The system will send you an authorization code.

Enter the code received.

A form will appear. Fill in the information:

For the Knowledge Based Questions, it is important to choose whether you will only use lower case letters. What you type will be the answer, if the system ever asks you the security question.

Click Update.

Now you will set up your password.

Enter your username/SSO and click Submit.

The same as last time, you will choose to receive a passcode by phone or email.

Enter the code received and click Submit.

You will go to a new screen where you will create your new password. You will type the new password twice.

Your password must:

  • Be at least 8 characters
  • Contain a digit (0-9)
  • Contain a Uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • Contain a lowercase letter (a-z)

You can also use a symbol (! @ # $ % * ; : , )

Click Submit.

If you have been successful and have created your new password, you will see this message: “Your password was successfully changed”

If you do not see that message, try again with a different combination.
If you need help, please visit the ALI Office. We will be happy to help you!