E-Consent Instructions

Welcome to UMKC! These are instructions on what you will need to do to be able to see your
schedule and your University bill using Pathway.
To begin, go to UMKC’s website: http://www.umkc.edu/
A page that looks similar to this will appear.

In the lower right corner, there is a link to Pathway. Click on it to go to Pathway.

You will go to this screen:

Under User name, type your single-sign-on ID (SSO) and then input your password and sign in.

If you do not know your SSO, call 235-2000 and press 2 to speak with the Helpdesk. They will ask for your name and your student number and will be able to give you your SSO.

On the Pathway homepage, the Menu is on the left. One of your choices will be UM E-Consent. Click this link.

This screen will appear: UMKC e-Consent for Pathway Access.

Click the I agree button so you can:

  1. See your bill and see any Financial Aid
  2. Access Registration so that you can enroll in and drop classes and see your grades
  3. Receive email from UMKC

If you click on ‘I do not agree,’ no email will be permitted between you and the Registrar, Cashiers and Financial Aid. This means that

  1. Any letters, notices or checks they need to send to you will have to be mailed
  2. If you email them, they will not respond
  3. All requests for the Registrar, Cashiers and Financial Aid will have to be done in writing or
    in person

The next screen will be the 1098-T Tuition Statement.
Like most countries, the U.S. collects taxes. This is the form that the University sends out for tax purposes. You will get this statement, whether you plan on paying taxes or not. The University wants to send this form to you electronically instead of through the mail. This page allows them to do so.
Make sure that the box is checked and then click the Continue button.

Once complete this can be viewed and/or updated at anytime in Pathway under Self Service > Campus Finances > Tax Information.
Your next screen is for the UMKC Alert Registration.
If you fill out this form, UMKC will contact you if there is some kind of danger on campus.
Fill in the numbers you would like to be contacted at and then click the Done Updating button.

If you only want to receive alerts through your UMKC email, click the Opt-Out Button.

The next screen is the Social Security Number screen. You don’t have a Social Security number because you are an international student. Check the box that says you are an international student. 

The last screen is the Statement of Financial Responsibility. For more about this, click here.

Just like you have to provide an income statement to ISAO which shows that you will be able to pay any tuition and fees, UMKC wants you to agree that you will pay those tuition and fees. Clicking the Agree and Continue button does this. When you click Agree and Continue, you are saying that you have read this statement and agreed to it. 
This Agreement can be viewed at any time at: http://www.umkc.edu/finadmin/cashiers/statementof-financial-responsibility.asp
You will need to click the ‘Agree and Continue’ button in order to complete the e-Consent process.