Homestay Program


Homestays can take two weeks to schedule. Please contact your homestay coordinator and complete an application before arriving in the USA. This can be very expensive. Homestays are subject to the student’s availability and English proficiency.

What to expect in a family home:

Students living in a homestay have a private room in an American home; bathrooms can be private or shared. The cost for a homestay is $ 800 per month and includes breakfast and dinner, or $ 500 per month without meals.

Do you want a homestay?

Visit our Homestay Survey and Expectations page to start signing up today!

About Our Homestays

All of our families go through background checks.

We originally met our hosts through local churches and community organizations. Now, we find hosts through word of mouth. Many of our new hosts heard about the longtime host program that told them about the experience.

Our homestays are all in the Kansas City area. Most are a fifteen or twenty minute bus ride from campus. Some are within walking distance.


Are you interested in receiving international students? Fill out our Host Questionnaire and email it to our Homestay Coordinator at

To download the questionnaire, click here.

Please contact the Homestay Coordinator at or 816-235-1233 for assistance. Please leave a message if there is no response.