Housing at UMKC

The Applied Language Institute offers attractive housing options while you study. Check out the different options below:

Homestay Program

The ALI offers a homestay program to ALI students. Students live with an American host. Many students choose this option to feel at home and learn more about American culture. For more information, click here.

UMKC Dormitories

When you live on campus, you have the opportunity to interact with both U.S. and International students. This offers many benefits; from building connections with others in your field to learning how to work with other cultures. UMKC’s on-campus housing provides you with plenty of personal space while giving you a chance to be a part of the larger university community. For more information about on-campus housing, click here.

UMKC on-campus housing provides private or shared rooms and bathrooms. Meal Plans are required for all students staying in the dorms. Plans are also available for students living off campus. The cost varies depending on the room and the meal plan. Living on campus can cost from $1,125 to $1,365 per month depending on your housing and meal choices.


Off-Campus Housing

UMKC partners with Campus Pads to provide off-campus housing options to all students.


If you’d like more information about Off-Campus Housing at UMKC, please visit UMKC Off-Campus Housing Marketplace.