Meet our Students

Janison Novak

Janison Novak, is currently a student at The Applied Language Institute during this Summer 2017 Semester. Beginning his studies with us in Spring 2016, we have seen him grow wonderfully in his English. Here, Janison Novak shares his passion for English and his journey here at The University of Missouri-Kansas City:

“I am from Brazil and my first language is Portuguese. I started studying at UMKC inMarch 2016. After the English course, I want to do a technical course in some area that allows me to get a good job and a good salary. I chose UMKC because it has an excellent teaching program for anyone who wants to learn a second language. The most important thing for me in learning to speak English, is the certainty that this language will open doors and generate good  opportunities for growth. The second thing that I like the most is being able to speak English, is the satisfaction of realizing a dream of speaking the language that I like so much. I feel the language is beautiful.”


Janison Novak is highly involved with our program in attending our cultural enrichment activities and being interactive during class. His positive attitude serves as a great example to everyone, and is an encouragement to faculty, staff, and fellow students. Here are some images of Janison throughout the past year in Kansas City:

We have enjoyed having Janison Novak in The Applied Language Institute. Congratulations to Janison on his accomplishments, and we are excited to see what he does in the future!

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