Episode Five Nuts and Bolts

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Through a Common Lens: A Podcast to Prepare for Our Accreditation Site Visit has 5 episodes. One episode will be published each week with the goal of helping the campus community get to know UMKC through a common lens.

Episode Five: Nuts and Bolts

Episode five features the UMKC Accreditation Reaffirmation Cochairs – Cindy Pemberton and Ken Novak. Their narrative about UMKC’s accreditation reaffirmation gets down to brass tacks. If you want to know whether to wear Roo gear on December 2 and 3, or how to best prepare, or where to find resources – this is the episode for you. 

The podcast is edited and hosted by Alexis Petri. Music, “Spirit of the Girl ” from Spirit by Kevin MacLeod. Released: 2017. Track 4. Genre: New Age.


HLC Road Show

Members of the HLC Executive Committee are visiting a meeting near you. We are sharing updates and important information about the upcoming comprehensive evaluation site visit.

We are happy to present at your department or division meeting. If you would like members of the committee to speak at your meeting, please contact either Ken Novak or Alexis Petri.

HLC Road Show PowerPoint

HLC Key Talking Points5 (aka Ken’s Green Sheet)