Episode One Second Half: Well Run It

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Through a Common Lens: A Podcast to Prepare for Our Accreditation Site Visit has 5 episodes. One episode will be published each week with the goal of helping the campus community get to know UMKC through a common lens.

Episode One: Well, Run It.

  • Part one: At least Newcomb got a building named after him
  • Part two: Problem’s with Dr Decker’s vision
  • Part three: Selling KC on the vision
  • Part four: Joining the University of Missouri System
  • Part five: Full circle
  • Part six: Mythbusting

Episode one features Chris Wolff talking about UMKC’s history. From Ernest Newcomb who never got to be president, but ran the university without official power, to Dr. Decker’s vision that the university be an elite liberal arts college, this two-part podcast shares the story of UMKC’s establishment, early struggles, and how they shape our university today.

The podcast is edited and hosted by Alexis Petri. Music, “Spirit of the Girl ” from Spirit by Kevin MacLeod. Released: 2017. Track 4. Genre: New Age.

191022 HLC Podcast Episode One Transcript.

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