Episode Five Nuts and Bolts

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Through a Common Lens: A Podcast to Prepare for Our Accreditation Site Visit has 5 episodes. One episode will be published each week with the goal of helping the campus community get to know UMKC through a common lens.

Episode Five: Nuts and Bolts

Episode five features the UMKC Accreditation Reaffirmation Cochairs – Cindy Pemberton and Ken Novak. Their narrative about UMKC’s accreditation reaffirmation gets down to brass tacks. If you want to know whether to wear Roo gear on December 2 and 3, or how to best prepare, or where to find resources – this is the episode for you. 

The podcast is edited and hosted by Alexis Petri. Music, “Spirit of the Girl ” from Spirit by Kevin MacLeod. Released: 2017. Track 4. Genre: New Age.


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