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Extra Comp & Summer Pay

UMKC Extra Compensation & Summer Pay Policies
(revised 5/15/09 UMKC Provost Faculty Affairs)

UMKC’s Extra Compensation and Summer Pay procedures implement the policy of the University of Missouri System contained in the Collected Rules and Regulations. The two key rules are Sections 360.010 (“Extra Compensation”) and 360.020 (“Summer Appointments and Compensation”).


Extra Compensation (CRR 360.010) Rule Summary
Section 360.010 CRR defines extra compensation as “payment to faculty and staff for overload responsibilities.” It is System policy to minimize the use of extra compensation. The System guidelines include the following:

1. Full-time faculty members seeking extra compensation should carry full loads that cannot be reduced to provide time for the extra duties;
2. Extra compensation should not be a usual occurrence, but should be limited to unanticipated activities that do not lend themselves incorporation into a normal load. It should not be an expected part of any faculty member’s total compensation.
3. Academic units should develop long-range plans for instruction to minimize unanticipated activities requiring extra compensation.

Section 360.010 requires that all requests for extra compensation over $1,000.00 must include documentation as to the teaching load, including courses taught, credit hours, and number of students enrolled, and other responsibilities of the faculty or staff member. Those with administrative appointments at the level of Dean or above are not eligible for extra compensation.

By allowing for extra compensation, the rule provides some flexibility to make program modifications after normal planning processes have been completed. However, the section discourages the regular assignment of teaching, including extension, research or service on an overload or extra compensation basis, and reserves extra compensation for unusual occurrences.

Please note that Extra Compensation does not apply to part-time employees. Part-time employees may be paid additional compensation by increasing the FTE on the original Personnel Action Form (PAF) or creating a Hire/Concurrent PAF. One-time, non-recurring payments (awards, honorariums, etc.) may be made to part-time employees using an Additional Pay form.

Summer Pay (CRR 360.020) Rule Summary
Section 360.020 governs summer appointments. The contracted salary for faculty members on 9 month appointments provide for summer service, even if the 9 over 12 salary option is chosen, and so may be compensated for summer teaching. Because summer teaching is not part of their contractual salary under the 9-month contract, compensation for summer teaching is not “extra compensation” within the meaning of section 360.010.  Although standard practice has been to limit summer teaching compensation to 1/5 of the annual salary for a full-time load during an 8-week summer session, each academic unit shall set its own summer teaching and administration pay matrices and apply them equitably to all 9-month faculty;  under no circumstance shall compensation for all combined summer appointments exceed the maximum allowable 3/9 of the annual salary for any 9-month faculty member.

Use an Additional Pay Form to process summer payments to faculty on 9-month appointments (whether paid 9/9 or 9/12). Only faculty on 9 month appointments are eligible for retirement service credit for summer session earnings. Do not use summer earnings codes for benefit eligible faculty on ANY other type of appointment.

Please note that additional summer compensation in the amount of $1000 or more to be paid to faculty (or staff) on 12-month appointments requires a Provost-approved Extra Compensation Form.

UMKC Procedures

1. Complete UM Form 273 Request for Extra Compensation in full and obtain all necessary signatures (signatures required from both the funding department and the employee’s home department, if different)
2. Your unit’s Human Resources Facilitator (HRF) may either:
a. Attach the completed and signed Additional Pay Form to the Request for Extra Compensation form for submission to Human Resources for processing following Provost Approval; or
b. Request the approved Extra Compensation form be returned to department HRF for submission with completed Additional Pay form at a later date.
3. Unit’s Human Resources Facilitator (HRF should review all Extra Compensation Request forms prior to submission to Provost to ensure accuracy of all data including extra comp history and salary information.
4. Unit’s HRF should submit completed, signed Extra Comp form with any accompanying documentation for Provost approval a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the proposed activity. Submit to: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs c/o Beci Edmundson, Room 350 AC.

Additional Pay Forms submitted without approved Extra Compensation form attached will be held in the Provost’s Office until the Extra Comp form is received and approved by the Provost.


Extra Compensation Clarifications from 12/14/10 HRF meeting:

  • Only full-time, benefit-eligible (75+% FTE) employees are eligible for extra compensation.
  • Review Extra Compensation requirements and procedures at:
  • All Requests for Extra Compensation payments of $1000 or more involving employees of and/or payments funded by academic units must be signed by funding department, employee’s department, and the Provost before submitting to HR for payment.

Extra Payments to Part-time employees:  either process a HIR/CON PAF or increase the FTE on the original PAF.

One-Time payments:  a non-recurring payment made to an employee for work performed over a period of one month or less.  If work is performed over a period longer than one month, it should be considered another job and should not be paid as a one-time payment.  One-time payments of $1000 or more to benefit-eligible employees require an approved Extra Compensation form.