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NTT Ranked Faculty

Policy Reference: CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Categories: There shall be five main types of full-time, Ranked Non-Tenure-Track (NTT) non-regular faculty.  Each should have primary responsibility in a single area: teaching, or research, or clinical/professional practice, library, or extension activities (UMKC does not currently utilize extension titles).  The titles should identify the area.  Within each area, there shall be the following ranks:

1.  Research faculty

  • 7690  Research Professor
  • 7677  Associate Research Professor
  • 7676  Assistant Research Professor

2.  Teaching faculty

  • 7142  Teaching Professor
  • 7146  Associate Teaching Professor
  • 7144  Assistant Teaching Professor

3.  Clinical faculty

  • 2830  Clinical Professor
  • 2790  Associate Clinical Professor
  • 2800  Assistant Clinical Professor

4.  Extension faculty

  • Extension titles are not currently utilized on the UMKC Campus

5.  Librarian faculty

  • 5822 Librarian I
  • 5823 Librarian II
  • 5824 Librarian III
  • 5825 Librarian IV

Details: The titles listed above are non-regular Ranked Non-Tenure Track faculty positions and should be hired as full-time (75% – 100% FTE), benefit-eligible, 9-month or 12-month faculty academic contract appointments.

Minimum Qualifications: PhD. or terminal degree (highest degree within the area of study).

The CHECKLIST FOR FULL-TIME FACULTY HIRING [7/2/2019] provides clear step by step guidelines for a full-time academic search at UMKC and is required to complete the process. Forms required for the process:

  • Request to Recruit Academic Position form
  • Job Advertisement Copy All ad copy must include the following Affirmative Action disclaimer statement: “UMKC is an equal access, equal opportunity, affirmative action employer that is fully committed to achieving a diverse faculty and staff.”
  • Plan for Diversity and Inclusion in hiring (Contact Sybil Wyatt in Affirmative Action for more information)
  • Pool Certification Request form


  • National, Regional, local, and UMKC advertisement, focus on underrepresented populations.
  • ALL Ranked non-tenure track positions must be listed in UMKC PeopleSoft Academic E-Recruit; all applicants must apply through PS Academic E-Recruit.
  • Ranked competitive positions must be nationally advertised and candidates must compete within an Affirmative Action certified pool of applicants.
  • A Search Committee is required and must receive Affirmative Action training prior to advertising position (contact Affirmative Action Office to arrange training session).
  • Request for Waivers of the normal AA Recruitment process: Dean should forward an email request to Sybil Wyatt ( and Susan Hankins (; candidates in immigration visa status are ineligible for AA Waivers.

Offer Letter: Submit offer letter request form to the HR Academic Specialist (mailto: Provost approval is required prior to offer to candidate.

  • Offer Letter Request (click to open)
  • Contract End Date = 5/31 (9/9 or 9/12 appointments) -or- 8/31 (12-month appointments)
  • Payment End Date = 5/31 (9/9 appointments) -or- 8/31 (9/12 or 12-month appointments)

Criminal Background Check: Required.

IT Resources for New Faculty:  Be sure to direct all new faculty to the IT Faculty Getting Started Resources available here.

Employment Documentation:

  • PAF
  • Offer Letter (original, signed by both parties) AND/OR Appointment Notification Form (signed by supervisor and employee)
  • Current CV
  • Official Transcript of Highest Degree Earned *NOTE: Additional transcripts may be required by Chair to validate qualifications to teach specific course in order to meet HLC credentialing requirements
  • Other Employment Documentation as required by Human Resources and/or the unit

Evaluation: Written evaluation by supervisor should be discussed with employee and signed by both parties annually.

Renewal: In accordance with CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty.  Annual Renewal Letter Template:  RENEWAL Template NTT Ranked Academic