The UMKC Distributed Intelligent Computing group (UDIC) aims at fostering the spirit of research and inquiry in the areas of Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. The group provides opportunities for research-oriented discussions and activities for undergraduate and graduate students from the Computer Science department and related studies, including Software Architecture, Bioinformatics, and Computer Networking.

Core foundations for the UDIC group are laid on principles of Sharing and Learning, thereby encouraging students at UMKC-SCE to become leading players in their respective research community. Participating in such activities makes one aware of the state-of-art in the current fields and stay abreast in the ever-changing field of Computer Science. The motive is to share and nurture ideas in young minds thereby exposing the hidden talent and leading them to their full potential.

The idea is to coordinate the research efforts with the other researchers and groups around the World. There are also efforts to jointly coordinate research goals with that of community groups such as the St. Luke’s Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospital and KCALSI, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Initiative.