Sponsored Students

A sponsored student is any student that has received a scholarship from their home governments or is funded by other third party sponsors.  Because sponsored students receive scholarships there are more rules and responsibilities that come along with being a sponsored student.  Please review the general information below regarding your responsibilities as a sponsored student.

As a sponsored student, you will be responsible for making sure ISAO has a copy of the following documents:

  • Financial Guarantee from your sponsoring agency
  • Consent Form
  • Insurance Waiver (if your sponsoring agency provides insurance coverage)

If you have specific questions for ISAO regarding your sponsorship, contact our Sponsored Student Officer: Alex Spenner

When you meet with an academic advisor at UMKC to schedule your courses you need to make sure your academic advisor is aware that you are a sponsored student and have to abide by specific scholarship requirements. You will be responsible for enrolling in courses that are approved by your sponsoring agency. If you are unsure whether or not your sponsoring agency will cover courses you will need to reach out to your advisor at your sponsoring agency and confirm whether your courses are approved.  Here is a list of courses that may not be approved by your sponsoring agency:

  • Online courses
  • PACE courses
  • Accelerated courses
  • Weekend/evening courses
  • Courses outside of your major area of study
  • Language courses in a language you are already fluent in

If you complete courses that are not approved by your sponsoring agency you will be expected to pay for these courses.

If you are a sponsored by one of the agencies listed on the right, please read through the details on the respective pages to learn more about your sponsoring agency’s requirements.