International Education Week


International Education week is being celebrated across the country.  At UMKC we want to take this opportunity to connect with you and celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide! We know that without these opportunities, UMKC and our global community would not be the same. We strongly believe in the opportunities international education provides as we grow and learn together!

We hope you’ll join us for some of our events (check back for updates for Zoom links!):

Monday, November 16:

     11:00 AMInternational Coffee/Social Hour: Join us to kick off the week with a social hour – make your zoom background your country’s national flag and bring your favorite mid-morning beverage!

     All Day: Social Media Photo Competition: Post on Instagram to enter our week long photo competition. Prizes will be announced on Friday! The day’s theme: Where is your happy place?

Tuesday, November 17:

     1:00 PM – Meet & Greet with International Student Ambassador (@umkcisao on Instagram)

     2:00 PM Study Abroad Info Session

     All Day: Social Media Photo Competition Day’s Theme: Twin Art Selfie
Global Museum Tour – Download the Google Culture and Arts app to find your look-alike in art and take a selfie with the results!

Thank you Natalie, from SAGE, for modeling this for us!


Wednesday, November 18:

     All Day: Listen to International Music from the UMKC Libraries

     3:00 PM SAGE & Sexuality/Gender Alliance Workshop

     7:00 PM Game Night with International Student Ambassadors

     All Day: Social Media Photo Competition Day’s Theme: What do you do for fun?

What is your favorite game/sport? What are you doing to find ways to have fun despite the restrictions of COVID? #IEW2020 #UMKCIEW2020 #InternationalRoos #RoosAbroad

Thursday, November 19:

     11:00 AM SAGE Post-Graduation International Opportunities (JET & Fulbright)

     2:00 PM International Student and Study Abroad Alumni Q&A event

     All Day: Social Media Photo Competition Day’s Theme: Where do you do your best work?

Where do you study best? Where do you create? What puts you in the zone to get things done? Share with us and remember to use our hashtags to be a part of the competition! #IEW2020 #UMKCIEW2020 #InternationalRoos #RoosAbroad

Friday, November 20:

     1:00 PM – UMKC IEW Photo Competition Winners Announced – prizes to be collected at ISAO

     2:00 PM Study Abroad Info Session

     Until 12:00 PM (so we have time to select a winner): Social Media Photo Competition Day’s Theme: What part of the world do you want to visit?

Inspired by one of the Study Abroad sessions? Dreaming of seeing the world? Share a photo of yourself edited into your dream location (you can set it as your background in zoom and take a screen shot, use Microsoft Paint/PhotoShop/any photo editing tool you have available or draw yourself in!

#IEW2020 #UMKCIEW2020 #InternationalRoos #RoosAbroad

Looking for more?

With so many events going online this year, take advantage of some of the International Education Week events nationwide!

Thank you for joining us and thank you for all that you contribute to our UMKC community!