Student Life

Participating in on campus activities is a great way to make friends, become familiar with the campus community and interact with faculty and staff in a social setting. UMKC offers a wide variety of activities including cultural and academic organizations, sporting and athletic clubs and special interest groups to allow students to engage with their peers and enhance the academic experience.

“Making connections is the easiest way to ‘survive’ college. College can be tough sometimes but with people to help you through it, it stops being as tough. UMKC hosts lots of events throughout the year and through these I have been able to meet some of my closest friends. Participating in campus events helps one gain a sense of belonging. It goes without saying that getting involved is one of the best choices I made during my freshman year.”
– Doreen Mbugua, Kenya

IMG_1036“Getting involved on campus helps you to be connected to successful people, build leadership skills, and most importantly to define yourself and discover your passions and strengths.”
– Gharib Gharibi, Saudi Arabia

“Being involved in campus activities makes the transition to another country and culture easy and fun. You get to know and understand all the differences that you’ll have to adapt to, and you get to meet people that are going through some of the same things as you are and can help you in this process.”
– Braulio Bosi, Brazil

“Getting myself involved on campus has made me a more sociable person. I have met a lot of wonderful people from different fields and cultures through these activities. It is always exciting to realize the uniqueness of myself and my culture through encountering people from diverse backgrounds.”
– Hong Hong Hui, Hong Kong

“UMKC has several opportunities to get involved, and some of them helps me get hands on experience of what I’m learning in class, reach out to the community and do volunteering work. Through these clubs I learn to work with people from different backgrounds and learn to be a part of a team while having a great time at college.”
– Nimesha Senanayake, Sri Lanka