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US News Presentation 1-21-2011

UMKC 2020 Task Force Charge:

Using the strategic plan as a starting point, the task force will examine the ways that UMKC can differentiate itself in teaching, research, student life, community outreach, diversity and the arts over the next 10 years in the face of budget shortfalls and related challenges –including the identification of programs that are current or emerging areas of excellence.

The task force will identify potential cost savings in all areas of the University and make recommendations on how to achieve savings and identify new sources of revenue.

The task force will assess the resources needed to support the University’s pursuit of its strategic vision. The task force must consider the opportunity costs of pursuing any track over another as an increase in resources for one area will inevitably mean a decrease in other areas.

The task force will provide a report to the executive sponsors by March 2011. Using data provided by institutional research and the budget office, provide an analysis of current outcomes in all units in the university. The task force will look for areas of excellence to promote and support and highlight best practices.