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I’m Joining the Fat Acceptance Movement

By Matiara Huff and Kacie Otto I have noticed this happing a lot lately, and I think it is time that I blogged about it. Fat Shaming is when a person is made fun of or treated like less of … Continue reading

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Women’s Center Welcomes New Staff Member!

By Torshawna Griffin Hi, my name is Torshawna Griffin. I am a second year student studying Mechanical Engineering. I chose UMKC because of the prestigious engineering community and the distance from home, not too far away but not too nearby. … Continue reading

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Sister Circle and Self Image

By Rocky Richards There are 365 days that make up a year and out of those days everyone receives one day (Halloween) to be someone or something else. Would you prefer to be someone else or be yourself for Halloween? … Continue reading

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Choose Your Halloween Costume for You

By Matiara Huff Halloween is a time where people can express themselves though costumes without being judged. However, over the years Halloween has made women’s costumes less playful and more sexual. Halloween’s stereotypes of women have made the way we … Continue reading

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We Are Enough

By Kacie Otto Self confidence is something that I’ve got to work on every day. Because my body is not what I see in the media, it took me a long time to accept and love my body for what … Continue reading

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Beauty Defined

By Farah Dabbagh As a young woman of this century, I fit many stereotypes of what most women love. I love to shop for clothes and shoes, I love to wear makeup, and I love getting a manicure (I mean … Continue reading

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What if Women’s Roles were Played by Men?

By: Maritza Gordillo I came across this article on and it caught my attention as it described something we’re not used to seeing: reversed gender roles. As you see the video it seems pretty funny and absurd to switch … Continue reading

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Marginalized Voices in Eating Disorder Recovery

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and UMKC’s Every Body is Beautiful Week, this is a guest blog from the  National Eating Disorders Association Blog. For more information about UMKC’s Every Body is beautiful Week events, please visit … Continue reading

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Fight the Stereotypes: Never Apologize for Who You Are

By Morgan Paul “You throw like a girl.” “Boys don’t cry.” “Be a man.” These are just a few of the phrases that are pounded into young boys’ heads, and they are great examples of how the patriarchy hurts everyone! … Continue reading

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Getting Perspective: Body Image and the Disabled

By Morgan Paul While struggling with my own weight problems I have tried to encourage others to accept their bodies as they are, but I’ve never thought much about how the disabled must feel. This short video put things in … Continue reading

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