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We Are Enough

By Kacie Otto Self confidence is something that I’ve got to work on every day. Because my body is not what I see in the media, it took me a long time to accept and love my body for what … Continue reading

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Beauty Defined

By Farah Dabbagh As a young woman of this century, I fit many stereotypes of what most women love. I love to shop for clothes and shoes, I love to wear makeup, and I love getting a manicure (I mean … Continue reading

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What if Women’s Roles were Played by Men?

By: Maritza Gordillo I came across this article on and it caught my attention as it described something we’re not used to seeing: reversed gender roles. As you see the video it seems pretty funny and absurd to switch … Continue reading

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Marginalized Voices in Eating Disorder Recovery

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and UMKC’s Every Body is Beautiful Week, this is a guest blog from the  National Eating Disorders Association Blog. For more information about UMKC’s Every Body is beautiful Week events, please visit … Continue reading

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Fight the Stereotypes: Never Apologize for Who You Are

By Morgan Paul “You throw like a girl.” “Boys don’t cry.” “Be a man.” These are just a few of the phrases that are pounded into young boys’ heads, and they are great examples of how the patriarchy hurts everyone! … Continue reading

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Getting Perspective: Body Image and the Disabled

By Morgan Paul While struggling with my own weight problems I have tried to encourage others to accept their bodies as they are, but I’ve never thought much about how the disabled must feel. This short video put things in … Continue reading

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Respect Your Body: “The Earth Isn’t Flat…and Neither are Our Stomachs”

By Morgan Paul I’ve always been a bigger girl, and it’s been frustrating when I look at “plus size models” and see smooth skin and flat stomachs. I thought that the point of plus size models was to show an … Continue reading

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You are Beautiful, and so is Your Vagina

By Maritza Gordillo While browsing through, I came across this interesting article titled: “Your Vagina Isn’t Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy-It’s Also Too Brown.” This article caught my attention because the title itself is demeaning towards women, … Continue reading

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We Need Feminism to Foster Positive Body Image

By Torshawna Griffin Recently, I read this article about body image; it was called Young, Feminist, and Hungry: An Insider’s Perspective on Body Image. What attracted me to the article was the fact that the author told her testimonial about … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman and Body Peace Advocate: My Close Friend, Bailey

By Morgan Paul Earlier this week I sat down with a good friend of mine to talk about body image. While I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive peer ground, I wanted to know how they became … Continue reading

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