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Save on all your technology needs at the UMKC Bookstores

By , November 11, 2014 10:00 am

TechDid you know you can get educational discounts and pricing on the latest technology at the UMKC Bookstores?  Visit today for more information!

Graduating students–act now to get your discount before you graduate in December.

Microsoft Office ProPlus available to enrolled students for FREE!

By , May 13, 2014 4:50 pm

MS O365Microsoft Office ProPlus – Now available for students at no cost!
UMKC enrolled students are now eligible for a free copy of MS Office ProPlus.  MS Office ProPlus is a subscription service for Microsoft Office that includes all of the Office applications: Word, Power Point Excel, Publisher, etc.  Its advantage over a traditional desktop version of Office is that it can be installed on up to five devices.

The software will be available for download in your Office 365 student email account beginning May 20th. Simply login to O365 and click on the Gear icon to download.  Learn more by visiting

New Schedule Planner in Pathway

By , April 30, 2014 9:16 am

PathwayRegistration and Records is happy to announce the release of the Schedule Planner tool in Pathway.

Schedule Planner is a web-based application accessible from Pathway that allows students and academic advisers to generate optimized variations of class schedules, taking into account the student’s desired breaks and schedule conflicts as well as course availability.

Schedule Planner


Once the optimal class schedule has been created, Schedule Planner will integrate seamlessly with the enrollment shopping cart at registration time.

Schedule Planner 2



Advisors will be able to spend more time helping students choose which courses to take and not the individual times to take them. The tool provide enhanced service to students by providing the best schedule shopping experience.

Schedule Planner provides a quick and easy way to prepare for advising and registration by generating optimized variations of class sections and taking into account the student’s non-academic activities, such as work or athletics. Students can also create alternate schedules as a “Plan B” if their first choice isn’t available at registration time due to closed or filled classes.

Instructions for students and advisors as well as a YouTube video can be found on the Registration and Records Office website under Adding Classes.

Beware Email Scams

By , April 15, 2014 7:57 pm

alertCollege students are often targeted for email scams which attempt to trick email users into providing sensitive personal information, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or account passwords.  Please be aware that scammers can use any name or email address in the “From” or “Subject” field to make the email appear official.  UMKC will never ask for sensitive information via email.

Examples of scams include:

  • Job Scams, with the intent to get your personal information
  • Check scams, where they send a check  and ask for a portion of the money to be returned
  • Secret Shopper Scams, similar to check scams, but they may ask you to send them merchandise, and send you checks that bounce
  • Fake password expiration or account upgrade scams, with intent of stealing a user account.  These accounts are then used to steal other email addresses at an organization, or used to relay one of the above scams to other people

Some tips to avoid fraud:

  • When someone randomly sends you an e-mail asking you to receive a check and forward part of the funds to another account, it is typically fraud.  The victim of such a scam is generally liable for any funds received in this way.
  • Do your research on the person or company before accepting a job or a check from them, especially if the contact is unsolicited.  Contact UMKC Career Services if you have any questions.
  • Consult your banker or parents before answering any e-mail or cashing any checks if you don’t know who sent it.
  • Change your passwords frequently and ensure they are of sufficient complexity.

Always keep in mind:  if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Be wary when someone offers you money and be sure you check with trusted mentors before you accept anything.  Nobody sends “free” money and random job offers are usually fraudulent.  If you have any questions, please contact the UMKC Computer Helpdesk at 816-235-2000.

Preferred Name Option Now Available for Students

By , April 15, 2014 7:50 pm

PathwayThe Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is pleased to announce the student preferred name policy. The policy is a result of the resolution passed by the Student Government Association in Spring 2013. This resolution was initiated by numerous student requests to have a preferred name option in the Pathway and Blackboard/Moodle systems.

After ongoing campus discussions, the student preferred name policy was approved by the university in Spring 2014. Beginning Monday, April 21, 2014, the preferred name option will be available for students in the Pathway system.

If a student decides to add a preferred name, the preferred name will be displayed in the Pathway Student Center, faculty class roster and grade roster. Adding a preferred name does not change a student’s official name as a part of their educational record. A student’s official name is their legal name, which will always be used for financial aid, transcripts, international student I-20s and other documents required by the University.

Adding the preferred name functionality was made possible through the leadership team in the Office of Registration and Records, the Department of Information Access and the UM System Technical Developers.

UMKC is committed to student success and the preferred name option will provide students with an improved way to interact and connect with faculty and staff.

Questions about the preferred name policy can be directed to Doug Swink, University Registrar.

Electronic Transcripts Now Available

By , April 14, 2014 5:26 pm

PathwayUMKC Registration and Records Office has implemented electronic transcripts!  Get your official transcript e-delivered in about 24 hours.  The cost is the same, $10 per transcript.

Review all your transcript options at the Registration and Records Office website.

Many colleges and universities have moved to acceptance of this delivery method from a secure connection. UMKC and the UM system have partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to ensure that the transcript delivery is secure.  Be sure to check the requirements of the institution or company receiving the transcript whether they consider electronic transcripts as “official.”  In addition, you can select “hold for grades” or “hold for degree” and your transcript will be sent out after semester grades or degree have been posted.

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