Construction Project to Affect Pedestrian Access to the Bloch School

By , March 20, 2012 8:33 am

Thanks to a $32 million gift from Mr. Henry Bloch, the Bloch School of Management will be getting a brand new Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  The building is expected to be complete by Fall 2013.  See more about the project here.

Construction will begin soon on Chancellor’s residence and faculty lot to the north of the Bloch School.  Although no student parking will be lost, it will affect pedestrian access around the Bloch and Law schools.

Access to the Bloch School from March 19 through the end of May will be through the west entry of the Bloch School.  Pedestrians from the north should use University Way, through the Administrative Center parking lot and up the stairs to the west entry.

If you walk this way, allow extra time to get to and from classes, and be flexible.  Take a look at the information below, which corresponds to each area on the map.

Area 1: This area will be reconstructed to an accessible parking / drop-off area starting in the next couple of weeks.  Once construction starts there will be no pedestrian or vehicle access through this area until it is complete.  Completion is anticipated for the end of May.

Area 2: This area is where the contractor will park their construction trailer and will be closed throughout the project.  The stair at the NE corner will be blocked and will be removed in the construction.  This area includes the site access for the contractor’s materials and equipment. This area also includes part of the new building location and new parking lot.

Area 3: This area is where the contractor will construct the majority of the new parking lot and new building.  This area will be closed throughout construction.

Area 4: This area will remain open for parking until the Area 1 is complete.  Parking stalls will be access via Oak Street through the Law School Parking lot.  This parking area will be relocated to the new lot in Area 3.  Accessible parking stalls will be available at this location until Area 1 is complete.



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