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By , November 16, 2010 8:11 am

Are you interested in music but not a music major?  Would you like to learn more about music or continue playing an instrument you started before you came to college?  Or do you need a Fine Arts class to graduate?  Here are some Conservatory classes that are open to any UMKC student!  Check them out! 

CONS 101C Voice Class I (TuTh 8-8:50, 2 units)

Learn the fundamentals of correct voice production; breathing, breath control, study vowel forms and consonants.

CONS 103 Fundamentals of Music Theory (Online or TuTh 8-8:50, 2 units)

An introduction to the rudiments of music theory and basic musicianship skills.

CONS 108 Beginning Piano for Non-Music Majors (MoWe 3-3:50, 2 units)

Acquire basic piano skills with popular arrangements and group techniques designed to encourage playing the piano for fun!

CONS 120 Music Appreciation (MoWeFr 8-8:50, 3 units) lecture class or CONS 120N Music Appreciation (Online, 3 units)

Designed for students with little or no music background, learn the basic elements of music including historical and stylistic periods.

CONS 125 History and Development of Rock and Roll (Online, 3 units)

This introductory course explores American popular music from early Rhythm and Blues to Woodstock.

CONS 126 Introduction to World Music (Online, 3 units)

An introduction to global music traditions and their cultural contexts.

CONS 134A Beginning Composition for Non-Composition Majors (TuTh 11-11:50, 2 units)

Needs permission from instructor.

CONS 154 Music Listening Lab (Arranged, 1 unit)

Students attend 12 performances for a grade.

 CONS 497CM Creative Collaboration: Ideas & Strategies (M 2-5, 3 units)

This class historically and practically investigates collaboration since the turn of the century culminating with an informed and communicative class collaboration. Thinking outside the box is required!

CONS 497RT RAT Ensemble (TBA, 3 units)

This class is open to any UMKC Student who is interested in exploring technology in performance–from composers, to performers, to electrical engineers, to film makers. All are welcome in a mash-up of ideas and creative collaboration. Students need not even have a background in technology and will be paired according to skill level, desired performance/creative goals, etc.

CONS 497GC Guitar Class (TuTh 12-12:50, 2 units)

Guitar for Non-Music Majors. Meets in Annex 202.

DANCE 403A Modern Technique for Non-Majors I (W E5:30-7:00, 1 unit)

This course features both the applied and theoretical study of modern dance.


Conservatory Choral Ensembles:

CONS 301C Bella Voce (MoWeFr 12-12:50, 1 unit)

CONS 307C Conservatory Singers (MoFr 2-3:30, W 2-2:50, 1 unit)

CONS 308A Conservatory Concert Choir (MoTuWeTh 1-1:50, 1 unit)

An audition is required – contact the Choral Studies Office at 816-235-2941

Conservatory Instrumental Ensembles:

CONS 302 Orchestra (Mo 1:45-2:50, WeFr 1-2:50, 2 units)

CONS 306A Wind Ensemble (MoWeFr 11-12:30, 2 units)

An audition is required – Orchestra contact Dr. Olson at 816-235-5208; Wind Ensemble contact is Dr. Parisi at 816-235-2919

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