Tense Game Ends with Victory for Roos

The UMKC men’s soccer team won 2-0 in the drama filled second game of the season against Northwestern.

It was a tough first half for the Roos. The team put up a strong defense against the wildcats who were no easy take down, setting a yellow card trend that lasted throughout the rest of the game.

The Roos conquered the first half with a goal from Diego Serfaty. Assisted by Christian Anderaos, a free kick 35 yards out headed into the back right post at 6 yards.

Managing to keep the Wildcats at bay, the Roos ruled the score board in the second half. They pulled out a final goal in the 87th minute of the game unassisted by Eric McWoods going head to head with the goalie. The Roos remained victorious.



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