SIFE Financial Corner

The Financial Aid Office

A trip to the Financial Aid Office can be difficult for many students. Often one will wait in line and end up having to return the next day. However, preparing for a visit to the Financial Aid Office in three simple ways will make your experience much less frustrating.

First, make sure that if you have any questions regarding how much you will have to pay for something, when a payment deadline is, or any other questions regarding billing, you visit the Cashier’s Office first. Knowing whether to go to the Cashier’s Office or the Financial Aid Office can be confusing. If you have trouble deciding, call first.

Next, know who you are speaking with. This will help you and the Financial Aid Office, in case there is a misunderstanding or mistake. There are business cards at the front desk; just grab one and ask for the Financial Aid attendant’s name on the way out.

Finally, be sure to always read the “Required Reading” materials that accompany your loans, scholarships or grants. It can seem simple to skip over this step and just sign off on the agreements, but failure to read these documents may come back to bite you later. This document will answer many questions you may have, and may save you from making a trip to the office in the first place.

The SIFE Financial Corner is created by members of UMKC Students in Free Enterprise.

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