Lexie Howard right at home at UMKC

Junior mid-fielder for UMKC’s Women’s Soccer, Lexie Howard, took a moment off the field Friday to talk about how her love for Kansas City led her to UMKC.

“I have always been a Kansas City person,” said Howard. “I came to UMKC and I loved it! I decided to play here. This is where I wanted to be.”

Howard grew up in nearby Kearney, playing soccer with aspirations to become a college athlete. With her family’s full support, she found UMKC a perfect fit. The small close-knit feel of the campus and the atmosphere of the team made this a home away from home.

“They were just a family,” said Howard, referencing a team visit. “I could see these girls being my best friends for life.”

In mid-September, Howard received the “WAC Player of the Week” for the second time this season. Howard felt it was not just recognition for her, but for her teammates as well.

Although Howard entered her college career undecided, an inspiring and knowledgeable professor helped her realize teaching is her passion.

“I didn’t know I wanted to be a teacher,” said Howard, who first tried her hand in business school. “I have had some really awesome professors here who made me want to teach.”

She now majors in middle school education with an emphasis in math. When asked about the impact she wants to have on the early education system, Howard said she wants to teach confidence in subject to everyone. She hopes to be a special influence on the future of women in STEM fields as well to eliminate the still present bias.

“I am very passionate about math,” said Howard. “Being able to influence any child during the stages of development is such a big thing. I am grateful to have the opportunity to do that.”

As a scholar and an athlete, Howard would advise future Division 1 potentials to remember to find a good school that balances both academics and athletics.

“You are students first and athletes second,” said Howard.


To catch Lexie Howard in action visit umkckangaroos.com for women’s soccer game times and dates.

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