Don’t Title Me

As a covered Muslim woman in a post 9/11 America ruled by Trump, you might think this opinion piece will be all about my struggles. You might expect a rant on how I don’t feel safe because I am covered by my hijab (the scarf on my head).  It’s not. This piece is not about the uncomfortable stares and whispers I may encounter on a day-to-day basis or about the ways my hijab is an obvious and immediate ticket to the land of outcasts. It just isn’t.

I am not hopeless in a world of corruption and I will not allow myself to be a pessimist in a world of unlimited opportunities. I am a hijabi by religion, a female by gender, a business student by degree, and a fashion blogger by inspiration. I hold so many titles, but there isn’t a single one that completely defines me. I simply won’t allow one part of who I am to dominate over everything else I have to offer. How could I limit myself to one title, nonetheless the title of a misunderstood hijabi?

There is more to a Muslim girl than the struggles she faces because of a piece of cloth on her head. What we should focus on is how she overcomes the hardships in her life. Her hijab does not limit her from the endless opportunities she can achieve. I am thankful for all of the life lessons I’ve learned through my hijab, granted there are some I could live without; like the time a man in Chicago decided it was cool to shout “MUSLIMS” and throw a cup of ice at my friends and I, and then drive off. Coward. How about a little more creativity?

While the man in the car might reduce me to a single title, I know there’s more to who I am. I live to be inspired. Hand me a monument of challenges, I want to break down each wall. Working on a whim is what I do best and I do it with a hijab on. I am not limited. I am a student constantly thriving for the opportunity of greatness. I, myself, could not even tell you who I am just yet. I’m still figuring it out. I guess it would go along the lines of: I am a tall female, hijabi, writer, blogger, not-so-athletic but love to workout, food loving, accounting hating, sorta-kinda book reading, sci-fi junkie and fashion stylist.

So, which title are you going to give me?

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