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Annual Members – 2010

Current Annual Members of UMKCRA – 2010

Last Name First Name Title or dept when retired Year retired (if listed)
Applegate Mary Staff – Academic Affairs  
Bailey Edwin Faculty – Education  
Baker Gary    
Baker Linda    
Ball Anna Louise    
Barham Vicki Admin – Advancement  
Beacham James Faculty – Physics 1996
Bevell Carol    
Beyer Judith Faculty – Nursing 2005
Biersmith Nanette    
Bodine Walt KCUR 2006
Branyan Robert    
Breckenridge LuAnn    
Brooks John (Jack) Registrar  
Brown Corinne    
Brown Hugh Faculty – Conservatory 1989
Bryant Paul Faculty – Physics  
Buenger Kathryn    
Burger Henry Faculty – Anthropology 1993
Burlingame Marilyn Archivist  
Capranica Jacqueline    
Carlson Judith Faculty – Special Educationi 2009
Cartwright Ruth Ann Staff – KCUR 1989 or 92
Chronwall Bibie Faculty – SBS & SOM 2009
Connolly John    
Conrad Sally Staff – Psychology A&S  
Crume Carole Staff – Student Services  
Cullinan Francis    
Culp Gerald Staff – R&R 1990
Damon Norma    
Dennis Juanice   2000
Ditto John Faculty – Conservatory  
Droll Henry    
Edwards Linda Dean – Education  
Ehrlich Larry Faculty – Com. Studies A&S 2002
Elrod Janet Staff – SOM & Dentistry 2004
Fales Joanne B. Spouse – John Fales 1995
Feil Philip    
Feingold Deborah Faculty – English A&S  
Ferguson David    
Forbis Dennis    
Garner John A.   1990
Garrett Jerry Staff – UMKC Police 2000
Glazer Harold Staff – Medicine 1992
Greenhagen Catherine Faculty – Conservatory 2002
Halley Gustavo Faculty – Conservatory 1998
Halverhout Karen    
Hammer Charles    
Hatten Martha (Marty) Student Services – Education  
Henry Elizabeth    
Herman Robert Faculty – Bloch School 2009
Hill Shirley Curators Prof – Education  
Hocott SuzAnn husband: Paul Hocott 2003
Holmes Lyndal Faculty: Dental School 2000
Hunter Edith Admin Staff – Acad. Affairs  
Hutt-Fletcher Lindsey Faculty – SBS    
Jaffe Dan Faculty – English A&S    
Jamison Connie Faculty / Staff: Grad Perio. Dental School Pre-retiree  
Jenkins Jean      
Johnson Charles Faculty 1997  
Jonas Harry S. Faculty – Medicine    
Jones Thomas      
Karn Frederick Fiscal Officer – Pharmacy    
Kim Ho Wohn      
Knoll Richard Faculty – Conservatory    
Koenig Leonard Faculty – Art A&S    
Koenig Lise Admin – Academic Affairs    
Kula Katherine      
Lally Elaine      
Lanman Robert Faculty – Pharmacy    
Leibert Robert Faculty – Education 1994  
Leidig Richard Staff – A&S Dean’s Office 2008  
Liebnitz Paul Faculty – Mathematics A&S 2000  
MacQuarrie Ronald Pre-Retirement Member    
Malkmus Donald Registration & Records    
Martinez-Carrion Marino Dean – SBS    
McCamy Mary      
McCrary Glenda      
McKay Diane Staff – Financial Aid 2000  
McKinley James Faculty – English A&S    
Mengel Stan Faculty – Economics A&S 2008  
Messina Rita      
Miles Charles      
Miller Ruth      
Mischon Raymond      
Mixson James      
Moenssens Andre      
Molteni Agostino      
Nahrstedt Gary Faculty – Education 1992  
Neff Franklin      
Nevius Fay Staff – Physical Plant 1988  
Nonnweiler Frederick Staff – History 2000  
Palm Richard Faculty – Education 2003  
Pate Roger Staff – CFM 1997  
Patterson Kay Staff – Center for Academic Development 2007  
Peebles Patrick Faculty – History A&S    
Petersen Marian Faculty – Conservatory 1995  
Powers Stephen      
Randolph Geraldine      
Recob Charlina Staff – Dentistry 2008  
Reeds James      
Rener Pierre Faculty – Com. Studies A&S  
Rinck Christine IHD    
Roberts Glenn      
Robertson Leon Faculty – Bloch School    
Rode Katheryn Staff – Basic Medical Science 2007  
Rogolsky Marvin      
Ross William      
Russell Jan Faculty – Nursing    
Sarkis Jeanne      
Schmid Paul Staff – Extension 2002  
Schumacher Nancy Staff – Graduate Studies 2008  
Scott Charles Staff – Dentistry 1999  
Shannon Reaner Faculty – Medicine 2008  
Shatzkin Merton Faculty – Conservatory    
Sherman Harold      
Shultz Rudane      
Skitek David Faculty – Electrical Engineering 2002  
Smith Arlene      
Smith Lora   2000  
Smith Marcella      
Sommers Paul      
Spencer Paulette Faculty – Dentistry    
Stratton Janet Director – Continuing Education  
Thomas Timothy Faculty – Chemistry A&S    
Turpin Madeleine      
Valenti Erma Staff – Library copy service 1991  
Van Engelenhoven Sandy      
Volk Charles      
Waring Richard Faculty – Physics 1998  
Wenner Bruce Faculty – Mathematics A&S  
Whitaker Jeanne      
Williamson Raymond Faculty – Education 1994  
Willoughby Lee      
Wood Michael Faculty – Bloch School 2001  
Yager Martha      

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