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WordPress Workshop May 19, 2010

Six UMKCRA Board members and Kim Rudolph from ACR were given an introduction to the Internet based Content Management System WordPress at a session presented by Jake Kupiec on May 19, 2010.

Teaching old dogs(?) new tricks ... apologies to Kim

The UMKCRA Board is considering  WordPress as a possible platform for the UMKCRA website because  it allows our members to  easily add and modify information on-line without having to learn a technical computer language in order to meet the goals and needs of our Association.

Before the Workshop, Jake had created a model UMKCRA website using WordPress. This trial site was used to demonstrate various features of the WordPress system. During the session, each of the participants was given Contributor status which enables them to create posts which will appear on the trial site. As one of the participants, I learned how to create this post and add the pictures you see here.

Our Intrepid Leader

   Submitted by Dick Hetherington

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