myPerformance is Closing This Week


The myPerformance appraisal process is quickly coming to an end! The process will officially conclude this week, on Saturday, July 15. Be sure to complete any outstanding tasks that you have.

Make sure you prepare for your meeting in advance to make the most of your employee/manager meeting. A variety of on-demand tutorials and seminars are offered to employees to help you get ready for employee/manager meetings and to leverage your performance appraisal. Employees can access these additional resources for assistance during the myPerformance appraisal process via the myPerformance webpage. Managers can access our appraisal conversations tip sheet (PDF) for resources to prepare for their meetings ahead of time.

Once you have had your employee/manager meeting and your manager has finalized your appraisal, you may add comments to the finalized appraisal. The final step for employees in the myPerformance appraisal process is confirming that you have received the appraisal. In this step, your signature does not constitute an agreement with the appraisal, but simply indicates you received it.

Lastly, once you have added your comments and confirmed your receipt, you will have completed the myPerformance appraisal process for 2017! Keep in mind, however, that growth does not just occur during the appraisal process. We encourage that you track, develop, and improve upon your work performance throughout the year.

If you have any questions or concerns about myPerformance or the myPerformance appraisal process, please feel free to contact the HR Service Center at (816) 235-1621 or contact the myPerformance team via email at

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