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An Invitation from Provost Gail Hackett to Attend Strategic Plan Listening Sessions

November 13th, 2012 · No Comments · Mission and Goals, News

[The following is a Nov. 7, 2012 UMKC announcement from Provost Gail Hackett.]

Please accept my invitation to participate in a series of forums to discuss the ongoing implementation of our strategic plan.  The first of the forums will focus on the first goal of the strategic plan – Place Student Success at the CenterIt has been scheduled for:

Thursday, November 15

9:30-11:00 a.m.

Pierson Auditorium

Atterbury Student Success Center

UMKC’s Strategic Plan is designed to identify our core goals and set out a plan of action for achieving them. The plan unveiled in 2010, “Strategic Plan 2010-2020: A design for the future of Kansas City’s University,” set out Vision and Mission statements for the university and six strategic goals.  It was the work of a steering committee of over 30 representatives from the faculty, staff, student body, and external constituents.  It was vetted through meetings involving over 150 members of our university community.

At that point, we had no intention of declaring our work complete. Far from it; the work was just beginning. For the plan to have any value, it had to be implemented; to be implemented, people had to take ownership of the implementation process.

Toward that end, we established a Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee to oversee the implementation process. Under that umbrella, a group of more than 20 different task forces, committees and subcommittees have been meeting to monitor, revisit, revise, and renew a variety of specific implementation plans for various goals.

On No. 15, please join me to discuss reports from four of those groups, all focused on Goal Number One of our Strategic Plan, Place Student Success at the Center. We’ll begin with presentations from each of the four, but we’re not seeking a passive audience. Our goal is to gather feedback from our faculty, students, and staff as to the allocation of resources for, priority order of, and additional thoughts on our planning efforts. Questions and comments are encouraged.

The four groups presenting next Thursday are:

  • Advising Task Force
  • Transfer Student Task Force
  • Undergraduate Research
  • University College

Also, please mark your calendars for Nov. 29 at 3 p.m., when we will discuss the findings of three additional committees: Carnegie Classification, Diversity and Emeritus College. This session will also be in Pierson Auditorium.

Additional sessions for the other work groups will be scheduled for the spring semester.

So far, nine of those groups have completed their work and delivered final recommendations. Other groups are continuing their work and are filling quarterly progress reports. Those progress and final reports can be viewed here.

All of the goals, and all of the task forces and committees, are important, and their work is highly valued. I want to congratulate and thank the over 250 dedicated individuals who have devoted long hours to this process. It is their commitment and dedication that gives our strategic plan a high degree of ongoing value, preventing it from becoming just another high-minded document gathering dust on a closet shelf.

If you doubt that for even a second, take a moment to visit the new Atterbury Student Success Center and see for yourself how we as a university community are living, on a daily basis, goal number one of our plan: Placing Student Success at the Center of what we do. There you will see young scholars realizing their potential, and you will know that our strategic plan is more than fancy words on a page. At UMKC, we are walking the walk. Thank you for your dedication, your effort and your professionalism.


Gail Hackett PhD

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost