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2014-15 Catalog Deadline for Course Proposals & Modifications: JANUARY 31ST, 2014*

(Submitted to the UCC, GECC, or Grad Council level of review by this date)

*Please note: New General Education Course Proposals must be at the GECC level of review by January 3rd, 2014


2014-15 Catalog Deadline for ALL Catalog Editing: FEBRUARY 21ST, 2014

(Catalog edits must be approved by unit level approvers by this date)


Curriculum Policies, Procedures and Forms (Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional)


UMKC Syllabus Components


Curriculum Navigator

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Graduate & Professional Curriculum and All Program Proposal Information

(Graduate and Professional Course Proposals and Modifications; Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Degree Program Proposals and Modifications including Transcripted Emphasis Areas (options); Reactivate, Inactivate, or Delete Existing Degree Programs; Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Certificate Program Proposals and Modifications)

Denis MedeirosVice Provost for Faculty Affairs & Dean, Graduate Nancy HooverSenior Information Specialist, Graduate


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Information

(Undergraduate Course Proposals and Modifications; Undergraduate Minors, Tracks, Existing Degree Program Requirements Modifications; Undergraduate Subject Requests – All must be submitted to the UCC level of review at least one week prior to the scheduled UCC meeting date of the 1st Friday of each month.)

Gayle LevyUndergraduate Curriculum Committee


Amy WatsonUndergraduate Curriculum Committee
Cindy Pemberton, Deputy ProvostProvost’s Office


General Education Curriculum Committee Information

(General Education Course Proposals and Modifications)

Lynda PlamannUMKC General Education


Gerald WyckoffGeneral Education Curriculum Committee