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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Executive sponsor(s): Chancellor, Provost

Purpose: The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate with the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations regarding approval of new undergraduate courses, changes to existing undergraduate courses, undergraduate academic programs and undergraduate program requirements, undergraduate academic degrees and undergraduate academic degree requirements.

Established: 2006

Time frame for group (or ongoing): ongoing

Membership criteria: Faculty

Number of members: 16

Membership type: One faculty member from each of the schools, three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences (one each from Humanities, Social Sciences and Science/Mathematics), one member from the libraries and one member elected from the Faculty Senate or the Academic Issues Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Membership selection (ongoing): Faculty members are elected by their respective colleagues in each school/college division.

Leadership: Chair, Secretary

Leadership selection: Elected by the committee, serve a maximum of three consecutive years. Vacancies are filled through the election process each spring.

Role of the Chair: Committee chair contacts the dean of the school or college when a vacancy on the committee needs to be filled so that the school college election process can be initiated. The chair has the responsibility of orienting new committee members to the review process.

Responsibilities of the members:

The committee will look for duplication of courses and course content and will encourage unit cooperation.

Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between and among schools/colleges, academic programs and external educational entities (e.g., high schools, community colleges, Missouri Department of Higher Education).

Ex-officio members:  Deputy Provost, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Advising, General Education Coordinator, Assessment Director, Registrar, Provost’s Office Representative

Staffing: Provost’s Office

Term of appointment: Staggered three-year terms.

Charge to the members:  Recommend approval of new and changes to existing undergraduate courses, undergraduate academic programs and requirements, and undergraduate degrees and requirements.

Documents/Outcomes: The committee will forward recommendations to the Office of the Provost for final approval and report recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

Stakeholders:  Students, Faculty

Frequency of meetings: Monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters. Committee meetings require a quorum of a simple majority in order to make recommendations.

Reporting: Via the web.

Renewal date:  N/A