Sungyop Kim (AUP+D) has been appointed as a member of the editorial advisory board of Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP). AAP is published by Elsevier and  is the most prestigious peer-reviewed journal in the world in traffic safety and injury prevention. For more see:  

He also has accepted to a Visiting Fellowship with the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii this summer. See:

Bob Stewart  (New Letters) reports a nice surprise: The March/April issue of Poets & Writers magazine features New Letters and New Letters on the Air in its section called Literary MagNet: News and Trends with the following citation:

    Seventy-seven years before Licitra cooked up Alimentum, New Letters 
( was founded as the University Review at the University of 

    Kansas City (now a part of the University of Missouri system). The quarterly, whose 
    title was changed in 1971, has since garnered recognition not only for the print 
    journal, which has been home to new writing by luminaries such as Annie Dillard, 
    Charles Simic, and John Updike, but also for New Letters on the Air, a radio 
    program featuring authors reading from and talking about their work. Editor in 
    chief Robert Stewart accepts poetry and prose from established and emerging 
    writers through May 1.

    For more see:

Beth Miller (Political Science) was interviewed by NPR for their “On the Media” program in early February about the effects of media coverage of scandal on retention of information about public figures’ policy positions. The interview was based on her current research. To read or listen to her interview go to:

Clancy Martin (Philosophy) had his novel How to Sell discussed in an essay on the “philosophical novel” in The New York Times in February, 2011. For more see:

He also had an  essay on Bikram Yoga and its founder published. See:

Jacob Wagner (AUP+D) has been named to the editorial board of the of  Journal of Urban Design.  See:

Bill Black (Economics) was interviewed by the media in Ireland to address the issues they are facing in their current credit system crisis. For more listen here:

His commentary has also recently appeared again in the New York Times as well as on Dutch Television as part of a documentary on the U.S. “Flash Crash.”

Michelle Boisseau (English) had her  poem “At My Brother’s Place” featured on Garrison Keillor’s radio program The Writer’s Almanac on December 15, (

For more English Department achievements,  see their Spring 2011Newsletter at:–Spring 2011 Issue 1.pdf

L. Randall Wray (Economics) has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the Ford Foundation for support of research on “alternative methods of providing government support in times of crisis, focusing on accountability, governance and transparency.” The award covers a 27 month period beginning November 1, 2010.

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