UMKC’s Volker and Hospital Hill campuses recycle cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic and scrap metal. Through partnerships with Bridging the Gap, a Kansas City environmental agency, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Mid-America Regional Council, more than 3378 tons of materials have been recycled so far and 11629.99 metric tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced.  A total of $430,000 has been saved through waste diversion. Initiatives include:


    Through a $15,100 district grant in 2010 from Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management, the Recycling On-the-Go program gives a broader visual presence for recycling on campus.

Waste Reduction Program

  • Diverts more than 1832 tons of waste from landfills since 2005
  • Provides savings of $90,000 to $120,000 annually
  • Practices sustainable waste management to demonstrate commitment to community
  • Provides a cleaner and safer campus environment
  • UMKC recycles 66% of all waste and this reduces the amount of trash sent to the landfill.
  • Here are the PDF’s of the campus Recycling Signage so you can print your own.  You will find a high resolution color .pdf  file to make all your copies.  Included are:

RecycleMania National Competition

Each year since 2008 UMKC has participated in the RecycleMania National Competition.  Students are encouraged to participate in an outreach campaign to increase recycling and waste reduction on campus.

Recycling rates on campus have risen during the eight week competition from 23% to 78% as a result of the proactive student outreach and education campaign.  The UMKC Campus ranked #1 out of 605 universities nationally in the Grand Champion category for 2013 and #2 for 2014-2016.  Visit