Take the Pledge TODAY to Save Energy!

In January 2011, the Energy Sub-Committee of the UMKC Sustainability Team was formed based upon the adopted goals for 2011. The subcommittee works to reduce the amount of energy used on campus through a voluntary energy management program.  Other energy initiatives includes renewable alternative sources of energy, such as solar panels, replacement digital thermostats in the residence halls, electric car plug ins, and  retrofit of more efficient lighting.

The team and the Office of Institutional Research and Planning crafted a survey to help understand what voluntary actions were already underway on campus and what projects could be expanded.

Three top actions resulted from the survey:

~Turn off lights in the workplace at the end of the day
~Turn off your computer monitor at the end of the day
~Turn off auxiliary items (such as printers, copiers, etc.)

We are asking students, faculty and staff to join in reducing energy costs on campus with your pledge today. Pledge one, two or all three action steps.


Remember, “If we all do a little, we all do a lot.” Together we can save energy and money on campus while also reducing the environmental footprint.

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