Valorie Moore-Porter

mooreporter-aprilValorie Moore-Porter, Administrative Associate for Clinical Services & Facilities Management at the School of Dentistry is this month’s Hive Five winner.

Chances are if you work at the School of Dentistry, your introduction to Valorie included the phrase, “…she knows everything.” A Jane of all administrative trades, Valorie has been navigating UMKC systems for eight years, and while she won’t admit she knows everything (smart, woman!) she is the go-to for a sea of questions spanning many departments, faculty, staff and students at the Dental School.

When Valorie gets away from the school, she travels with her family of redheads. Her husband and two kiddos have visited the weirdest and greatest cities the US offers, but her favorite destination so far has been The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Valorie has an English cottage garden inspired yard at her home in Greenwood, and loves to cultivate it, adding flowers every year. When she’s not out among her peonies and roses, Valorie says you can find her at the local garden center. “My favorite time of year is spring when things are beginning to bloom and I can sit back and enjoy the variety of flowers.”

What does Valorie love most about her position at UMKC?  “I enjoy my job because it gives me the opportunity to help others get things taken care of.  I don’t mind listening to someone’s issues whether it be work-related or personal.  I feel it’s necessary for them to let their frustrations out so that we can work together to remedy the problem.”

Her commitment to provide personal and excellent customer service is evident even in her office decoration. Valorie describes her space as “my little oasis outside my home.” She adds, “Everyone will tell you that the décor describes my love for people, flowers, and coffee.”

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