Send a High Five via Kasey Kudos and the recipient’s name will be entered into a drawing to receive

  • $50 Visa gift card
  • be featured in the Staff Council monthly newsletter and website


  • $25 UMKC Bookstore gift card

How it Works:
When you send a High Five via Kasey Kudos, the recipient’s name will be put in a drawing for that month’s prize.
A name can only be entered into the drawing once each month.
Up to three names will be drawn each month.
The first name drawn will receive the $50 Visa gift card and an additional name will be drawn to receive a $25 UMKC Bookstore gift card.
Prize winners will be chosen at random.
Previous prize winners are ineligible for repeat awards for one year.

The person must be a full-time benefit eligible UMKC staff employee.
They must have been sent the High Five e-card via Kasey Kudos within the calendar month of the drawing.
The High Five has to have been sent by someone else to be considered valid.