Committee Meetings

We invite all staff to participate in Staff Council by joining one of the six long-term committees!

Whether you are passionate about professional development or want to help plan next year’s Staff Appreciation Day, there is a committee that fits your interest.

The initial meetings for all committees are listed below:

Advocacy – Monday, July 15, 2 pm, Humanities Room, School of Medicine

Communications – Tuesday, July 16, 2 pm, Swope Park Room, Administrative Center

Events – Thursday, July 11, 1 pm, Gillham Park Room, Administrative Center

Outreach – Tuesday, July 16, 11:30 am, Brookside Room, Administrative Center

Professional Development – Wednesday, July 17, 1 pm, Gillham Park Room, Administrative Center

Recognition – Wednesday, July 10, 3:30 pm, Loose Park Room, Administrative Center

Please email if you have any questions or feedback for these first meetings!


UMKC welcomes Karen Brooks as the new Senior Human Resources Specialist for Training and Development!

In this position, Karen develops and delivers training sessions based on the needs and requests of the university and staff. Training content is broad focusing on professional development, position-related content and compliance. Employees are encouraged to review the training options offered on campus and online. In addition, there is great value in exploring the MyLearn system, an online learning program where employees will find numerous professional development courses for free with content provided in videos and books.