SI Onsite Training

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction conducts various trainings onsite. SI onsite training is a great way to get customized training for your campus needs. Trainings are designed to reach each relationship included in the SI model. SI Leaders, faculty and program staff are invited to attend and actively participate in the information sharing and demonstrations regarding the model. Below are descriptions of our main trainings, and these can be tailored to meet institutional needs:

SI Supervisor Training

During this training, administrators, faculty and program support staff are invited to attend and actively participate in the information sharing and demonstrations regarding the model. During the training, we can provide an overview for those starting new programs, a refresher for those working in established programs and/or assist those who are resuscitating struggling or defunct programs.  Training topics include:  procedures for selecting SI courses and SI leaders; roles of supervisors and leaders; benefits, evaluation, and funding of the program; training and supervision of SI leaders; theoretical frameworks underlying the SI model; effective learning strategies; and SI session activities.  Attendees also participate in SI simulations.

Duration: 2.5 days

Limit of 20 total participants.

How to Train SI Leaders

If you are looking for a workshop that will teach Supervisors and staff how to train SI Leaders, this is the one for you. The training covers topics such as: writing a leader training agenda; effective strategies for leaders; how to effectively observe and debrief leaders; how to help them plan thorough and complete sessions; and on-going training topics. It is embedded in the SI Supervisor Training, but can be offered separately for those who have already attended the Supervisor Training but want a specific workshop on training SI Leaders.

Duration: 1 day

Limit of 20 total participants.

SI Leader Training

During the training, Leaders get an overview of what SI is and how it should look. Leaders get to view the trainer conducting an SI Session, and also get the opportunity to conduct their own. Leaders at the training get a hands on application of SI Learning Strategies and learn various techniques to make session planning easier, increase attendance, and get the most learning from their students.

With the training, the Trainer works closely with you to incorporate campus specific information that would be helpful to your students such as where/how to submit paperwork, how to reserve rooms, campus security, HR procedures, etc.

Duration: Fewer than 9 Leaders is 1 day; 10-20 Leaders is 2 days

Limit of 20 total participants.

Faculty Awareness Training

Created especially for Faculty with SI support in their classes or those more interested in possibly adding SI support, this training focuses on the impact that the SI Leader will have on others in the class, as well as the benefits for the instructors themselves. Topics discussed include the difference between a Teaching Assistant and an SI Leader, SI Leader dos and don’ts, and relationships between Faculty and SI Supervisors and Leaders; learning strategies are also demonstrated.

Duration: Half day

Limit of 20 total participants.

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