The International Center for Supplemental Instruction is excited to be holding its 10th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction in Seattle, Washington, the Emerald City. Forty-five years ago, the University of Missouri-Kansas City began offering Supplemental Instruction sessions to address attrition and access issues for its increasingly diverse student body. Many things have changed since 1973; Supplemental Instruction has continued to spread across the United States and around the world. The International Center for Supplemental Instruction has national centers on four continents, and collectively, our centers have trained and provided support for Supplemental Instruction programs at over 3,500 institutions in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The theme for this conference, Sustaining Safe Harbors, seeks to explore the ways that Supplemental Instruction sustains its commitment to community, incluSIvity, and accessibility in ever-changing landscapes and how it can continue to inspire students to pursue these values in their own educational experiences and in the impact they will make on the future.

Conference information – International Center for SI at (816) 235-1174