Drs. Lee and Dinakarpandian’s Research Promoting Active Lifestyles for Kids Funded


Dr. Yugi Lee and  Dr. Deendayal Dinakarpandian have been awarded University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB) funding for their Active Mobile Interfaces for Promoting Active Lifestyles (AMIPAL) project.  The overall goal of the AMIPAL project is to develop middleware that is an alternative to the traditional touchscreen interface for mobile computing devices.  Any additional hardware would be minimal and inexpensive.  The AMIPAL prototype will enable the creation of active, engaging, educational and age appropriate games on mobile devices for kids.  Once developed, a pilot study will be conducted by August 2014 to evaluate the prototype’s effectiveness.

Several graduate students have been involved in the preliminary research leading up the funding of AMIPAL and their contributions are noted below.  It is anticipated that additional graduate and undergraduate students will be involved for implementation and evaluation of the AMIPAL prototype.

•   Sowmya Ginjupalli,  MS Thesis “is A Gestural Human Computer Interface for Smart Health”, January 25, 2013

• Pratima Gorla, MS thesis “Active Mobile Interface for Smart Health”, May 10, 2013

• Nisarga Baragur, Physical gaming in virtual spaces on mobile devices, Direct Readings Research, May 29, 2013

• Sheetal G. Gadgil, Direct Readings Research – Accelerometer Based Gesture Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model, June 20, 2013

• Krishna Mohan C. Sajja, Direct Readings Research, Motion-based applications using phone-to-phone networks, Summer 2013

Successful development of proof of concept AMIPAL prototypes is expected to generate compelling preliminary data that will be used for an NIH grant application to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), in partnership with obesity researchers and exercise physiologists, and an NSF grant application to the Smart Health Wellbeing (SHW) program.  SCE looks forward to learning more about AMIPAL’s results!



Pratima Gorla’s “Active Mobile Interface for Smart Health” – System Picture



Nisarga Baragur’s “Physical Gaming in Virtual Spaces on Mobile Devices”

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