Strategic Plan

UMKC initiated its first strategic enrollment management plan in 2000, with an update issued in 2006. In the intervening years, UMKC has undergone changes in leadership and undertaken a strategic planning process that has now allowed us to move forward. Our plans take as inspiration Don Hossler’s definition of enrollment management as “an integrated systems approach that focuses on student enrollments from the time of their initial inquiry through graduation and post-graduation. An effective enrollment management system alters and improves the institution’s frame of reference about itself and its prospective students, community members and business partners.”

This means, essentially, that a student’s success cannot be facilitated by just one aspect of the University – but all departments, units, offices and services working cohesively and collaboratively to provide the student with the needed tools to be successful and graduate from UMKC.

Our 2012-2015 Plan contains the collective wisdom of all departments across the University. The plan includes a review of the enrollment management program at UMKC, including our accomplishments, planning assumptions, environmental scan and enrollment goals. To support these goals, the plan also includes University-wide marketing, recruitment and retention strategies as well as individual plans for each academic unit.