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Spotlight: Peter Eaton

What does the center do? The Center for Economic Information uses geographic information systems tools and surveys housing conditions in the metro area on a regular basis. That information allows CEI to associate housing conditions with numerous other indicators, as well as create a baseline to evaluate the impact of policy changes on neighborhoods.   … Continue reading Spotlight: Peter Eaton

Using Data to Prevent Crime

When thinking of research, criminology and criminal justice may not be fields that normally come to mind. But for two UMKC faculty members, analyzing crime data is research that can save lives. From 2010 through 2013, Kansas City ranked among the worst of the 50 largest cities in the U.S. for homicides, averaging more than … Continue reading Using Data to Prevent Crime

Barbarians at the Gate

A beautifully rendered church mosaic, a worn coin, a famous gold medallion — each bearing the images of men and women from Italy’s distant past. These representations were a common part of Prof. Massimiliano Vitiello’s Roman boyhood. But later, examining these same items with a scholar’s eye, Vitiello considered the stories behind these familiar faces … Continue reading Barbarians at the Gate

Spotlight: Mark Brodwin

Meet astronomer Mark Brodwin, assistant professor of physics and astronomy. When he’s not researching and discovering unique galaxy clusters, he’s working as a NASA-nominated member of the Euclid Consortium mission, which is intended to launch in 2020. What is your research interest? My research involves the discovery and study of rare, distant galaxy clusters, which … Continue reading Spotlight: Mark Brodwin